Julie Young

Julie Young


Website: http://www.facebook.com/artbyjulieyoung


   6784 Settlement Dr. South, Indiananpolis, IN, 46250


They way I live my life is the same way I go about making art. I live my life not knowing where I’m going, but loving everything that comes my way. I live my life with the goal of bringing fun and happiness to myself and to the ones around me. Like any human being, I make mistakes and do not have the gift of time travel, so the mistakes will remain in history. Instead of fretting over mistakes I remember that everything happens for a reason, I accept the mistake, and stay positive even though the past is permanent.


When I am making art, I am not doing it with the focus of how much money I can make from this, how many people I can impress, or to hear compliments of my talents. Although I make art for the pure fun that I get out of it, my art is not about me, nor for me. My goal with my art is to provide something entertaining, happy, and pleasant to look at in hopes of making the viewers smile, or to forget about what’s going on in their thoughts, if only for a brief moment. The process of making my art is this: I grab any surface to draw on, and I begin drawing with permanent ink. Drawing with permanent ink leaves me with whatever mark I’ve made, whether I make a mistake or not. I never start a drawing with a plan of what I’m going to create; rarely with even the slightest sliver of an idea. I just draw on the spot, leaving the outcome of what any piece I make ends up being a surprise to the viewer, and myself.