Cynthia J. Young

Cynthia J. Young



   685 Academy Drive, Zionsville, IN, 46077

I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts: Interior/Environmental Design from Ball State University and worked for a number of years as a residential and commercial interior designer. Presently, I am an arts administrator for a small cultural organization while pursuing my passion in the visual arts. Both of these careers have shaped who I am as an artist and have also contributed to my skills and interests.

I explore many subjects-nature, human figure, portrait, abstract and more! I experiment with media, color combinations and techniques striving for a look of spontaneity in my work.

I am inspired by Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Franz Kline, Richard Diebenkorn, Matisse and Robert Kushner to name a few. I hope my work inspires others to discover their own creativity!