saint malakai

saint malakai


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The question ‘what is art’ led me to the following conclusions: 1.) Everyone’s idea of art probably differs vastly. 2.) As soon as someone tries to dictate what art can and cannot be, ignore them. 3.) People tend to compartmentalize everything. Take the colors of a rainbow as a metaphor. As maturing and education expands, we learn that the ‘rainbow colors’ aren’t separate or distinct at all, they’re just generalized sections of what is called the ‘visible light spectrum’. They all fade into and out of one another. But as small children, we don’t quite grasp that. So we compartmentalize. We categorize. Art forms–all of them–I see in the very same way… Absolutely no differences to speak of relative to the fundamental similarities. What is the difference? Everything is completely algebraic, overlapping, and interchangeable. The edge of a stage is something that should draw the audience into the play rather than separating them from it. Show me the edge of the street performer’s stage in central park…  Stop trying to compartmentalize and categorize the world. Don’t strip the life out of Life. For me art is an outlet–to let out whatever is inside. Hopefully in doing so, I’ll establish connections with people who thrive in the shadows of life’s grey areas and the fine lines between this and that, here and there, we and they, yours and mine, you and me.

Until then…