Mary Lessing

Mary Lessing


   4520 South Franklin Road, Indianapolis, IN, 46239

I am an artist living and working in Indianapolis, IN. I grew up in a rural Indiana town of 300 and spent lots of my childhood creating art and inventing ways to keep myself entertained. I spent my free time playing sports, riding bikes, and building forts.  I had a classic 80’s childhood…outside playing from sun up to sun down.  The one constant in my childhood was my love for art.  I knew from an early age that art was the only career path for me, and have been pursuing it ever since.

I live in South East Indianapolis with my husband and two beautiful sons.  They constantly inspire me to push forward and create my best work.  My six year old is my biggest fan and critic and often enjoys creating along side me.  I hope to pass on a love for art on to the next generation…so far so good.