Drew Avery

Drew Avery

Website: http://lineslikecircles.tumblr.com/

   801 North Pennsylvania Street Unit F, Indianapolis, IN, 46204

Drew Avery is an up and coming artist, currently working on an informatics degree while residing in the Saint Joseph neighborhood in downtown Indianapolis. Utilizing a decisively self-taught method of illustration, drawing upon architectural paradigms unique to the city and Mile Square heritage, Avery creates a very individual medium focused on the abstractions and splendor of our architectural heritage as citizens of Indianapolis and the World.

The aforementioned style exhibits highly patterned, meticulous ink work, epitomized in the Cityshapes series. These decisively analog methods of illustration are intentional given the highly digital context of our world. The goal being to simply steward and foster conversation about architectural heritage, the artist’s role in the community and increase public access to the greater conversation regarding land-use policy and urban planning.