Baley Murphy

Baley Murphy


   210 center street apt. 202, Greenfield, IN, 46140

I grew up in a toxic environment where my role models were my abusive, alcoholic parents, and my heroin-addicted brother. Most nights were filled with arguments, screaming, and violence. My only escape was through my art. My safe haven was a locked door, calming music, and a brush. I truly believe that art is the reason I was able to avoid being sucked into this toxic environment, and for this reason, I can write this letter today. I owe my life to art. It was, and always will be, my therapy. I was able to block out the yelling and create new worlds and environments to thrive in. This is where my passion radiates. I want to show the world just how powerful art can be, and how it can heal people mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I want to help people. My career goal is to work in a hospital or hospice with children. I want to help give them the childhood they are missing because they are sick. I empathize with them. I had to grow up way too fast in my environment and that just sucks. I want to help improve their quality of life, even if it is for a short while. It is worth it to know you made a difference in someone’s life, for an hour a day, twice a week. They could forget they were sick for a bit and just be a kid, and I want to be that person for them. I am an extremely dedicated, devoted, and passionate individual. I know I can make a difference if I am given the opportunity to learn, create, and conquer in this program. All I need is a platform to shine.