Nancy Evans

Nancy Evans

Crafts - Illustration - Mixed Media - Painting - Visual Arts - Works on paper - artisan specialties such as my own design and created Santa Claus figures and dolls.

   993 Maple Grove Drive, Greenwood, IN, 46143

I am a self taught artist.  My mother was an artist and my father was an artisan.  They both had the ability to see something in their mind and make that or design and create something.

I have been painting and drawing since I was a child. Always had paper and pencil in my hand.  I grew up in the country and come from New York State.  Upstate New York, Binghamton, NY.  I retired and moved here in 2009.  My only son has a restaurant here.

Back east I painted and also did soft sculpted face Santa Claus figures.  All built from scratch and with real wool beards.  Sometimes people would bring their old furs or damaged dress (wedding dress) or an heirloom and I would make a doll or a Santa Claus figure.

I belonged to The Cooperative Gallery on State Street in Binghamton, NY and painted cards and had my Santa figures in the Gallery.   they are having a show for the founding members at this time and I just shipped a Santa back to them.

I worked at administrative and clerical jobs all my adult life and have carpal tunnel.  I have had surgery a few years ago.   But at this point I am trying to maintain my hands at a healthy pace.   And so I do not do those figures any more and spend time making art.

I paint watercolors mostly.  I like doing cards.  But also do some mixed media on canvas.  I sketch and work out designs for my cards.    I do paintings also and have taken them to Johnson County fair in July.   My classification has been non-professional.

Thank you.

Nancy Evans