Makayla Harrison

Makayla Harrison


   1717 W. 10th St, Indianapolis, IN, 46222

As an art-technologist I use art & technology to create content and immersive technology about entrepreneurship, cultural value, self-discovery & renewable-sustainable technology & lifestyle through virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality & integrated LEDs. My interest in spatial computing started from painting.

My previous background is painting and still is. As a painter I paint the universe in all of my paintings. The universe represents an expanding of the unknown or massive amount of potential that we just don’t have access to yet. This narrative could also be said about humanity and people. We all have unknown potential that we are not aware of and have not tapped into to access. Our genius within us.

From painting the universe, I also understood that “Creation Is When Art & Science Meet” the slogan of ArtisScience22 an art & technology platform I created. The scientific process is birth through imagination and creativity to solve problems. To sustain creativity, one must use science. At this point, I took online classes to become an electrical engineer and creating the hardware lead me to a more creative process through expression of technology called virtual reality or spatial computing.

All of my paintings, software, and hardware are engineered to create value and equity around the black experience to enhance the potential of humanity.