IndyGo Seeks New Logo Design

IndyGo Seeks New Logo Design


 Indianapolis, IN, 46204

IndyGo is looking for a new logo!

Many transit systems, such as the London Underground or the Washington DC Metro, have a main logo or symbol. Artists are invited to submit their suggestions for a new logo for IndyGo’s system that is compatible with, but separate from, IndyGo’s existing corporate logo (which will not change).

You can view the IndyGo color palette below.  These should be the most prominent colors in the system logo design.

The logo/symbol should reflect IndyGo’s mission: “To connect our community to economic and cultural opportunities through safe, reliable, and accessible mobility experiences.”  You can read more information about IndyGo’s mission and values here.

Submissions must include a signed licensing agreement, available for download here.

Please note that submissions are UNCOMPENSATED. If a design is selected through this process, a fee will be negotiated with the submitting artist.

To submit your design, fill out the form at and attach the signed licensing agreement and your design as file uploads.

For more information, contact Jerome Horne,