Sacramento Seeks Artist for Gateway Sculpture Proj...

Sacramento Seeks Artist for Gateway Sculpture Proj...



 Sacramento, CA, Unknown

The City of Sacramento, Sacramento Office of Arts + Culture (OAC), a division of the City of Sacramento Convention and Cultural Services Department, invites artists and artist teams to submit their qualifications for a new Gateway sculpture project at or near the intersection of Richards Blvd and North 12th Street.  The project will welcome visitors to the River District and become an important threshold for vehicular traffic coming from Hwy 160 and traveling toward downtown Sacramento.

DEADLINE: Monday February 22, 2021, 11:59pm

BUDGET: $350,000

ELIGIBILITY: Professional artists over 18; teams should have experience working together

Review full RFQ here.

North 12th Street is a four lane, one-way arterial carrying over 20,000 southbound cars per day. Originated as the historic Lincoln Highway, North 12th Street is one of few streets that connect the “River District” and the northern Sacramento communities to Downtown Sacramento. The Gateway artwork is to be located at or near the intersection of Richards Blvd and North 12th Street. Due to existing Regional Transit power lines and tracks, installation will only be possible on the western side of the road. Artists are encouraged to consider designs that might bend or cantilever over North 12th Street in some way or be made in series to create a “Gateway” effect entering North 12th Street. The overreaching design must be as high as or higher than standard traffic signals (approximately 18 — 20 ft. high) along the corridor.


  1. Artist Statement: (Maximum 250 words) Include a general introduction to your work. Discuss the concepts and ideas you explore in your artwork and how these ideas and issues are presented. If you are applying as a team, the letter should clearly describe the contribution of each collaborator. Teams may present an artist statement up to 350 words maximum.
  2. Resume: (Maximum 2 pages) Outline your recent experience and accomplishments as an artist. If applying as a team, each member may submit a separate one-pageresume.
  3. Samples of your work – a maximum of ten (10) files: digital images, video, and audio files are all acceptable with corresponding titles to match the Support Description list. Each file should highlight only one project.
  4. Support Description list: (Maximum 2 pages) For each image/file submitted, include relevant project information. For example, list the title, date, size, and medium for studio work. For public art projects include a description,location, materials, budget, andcommissioning organization.
  5. References: Provide three references who are familiar with your work as a professional artist. Include names and contact information only.
  6. Preliminary Proposal: (Maximum 250 words) Briefly describe your design process. If you have ideas for the Gateway artwork at this location, describe what you might design for this location. Selected finalists will receive a full information packet, so this preliminary proposal is only meant to give a general concept overview of the kind of sculpture you might create. The committee understands this is a preliminary proposal and subject to change once you are given more information about the site. However, proposals will give the committee an ability to understand your conceptual thought process. Proposals need not discuss fabrication specifics but should address what types of durable materials you might use to create the Gateway artwork.


Apply online via Submittable.

QUESTIONS? Contact Donald Gensler, Project Manager, Sacramento Office of Arts + Culture, Art in Public Places, or call 916-808-8493.