J. Carmody Inc/Applicables.com Seeks Designer/Illu...

J. Carmody Inc/Applicables.com Seeks Designer/Illu...

 Indianapolis, IN, Unknown

J. Carmody Inc. specializes in transforming logos and other original designs through its  production of Decals, Magnets, Mailbox Door Covers, Labels, Stickers for placement on laptops,  refrigerators, vehicles, mailboxes. Their products reflect loyalty, branding, spirit, allegiance as they get  placed on items utilized every day. Applicables is its registered trademark name.

J. Carmody Inc. seeks a creative illustrator who accepts working on a per project basis to:

-redraw logos to make images in correct file format

-enhance illustrations with added lines of text

-design something new based upon client’s needs


The company features two product lines: All Purpose Magnets, Decals, Labels, Stickers and Mailbox Door Covers

J. Carmody Inc’s accounts include high schools and a few universities. They hold licenses with Indiana University, Purdue University, and Butler University. Their client base has expanded into food and beverage establishments / entertainment / as well as government industries. School logos, name branding, and sometimes original designs provide the subject matter. Regarding the “mailbox door cover” they sell through retail platforms, Amazon and Walmart Marketplace. The mailbox door covers offer opportunities to illustrate more expressive and creative designs due to its audience, the homeowner. Patriotism, seasonal celebrations, sports mania represent some themes.

Contact to schedule a conversation about this position:
Jeanne Carmody