The Gifted Gown Seeks Art for 2022 T-Shirt Design Contest

The Gifted Gown Seeks Art for 2022 T-Shirt Design Contest

 Speedway, IN, Unknown

The Gifted Gown is hosting a T-Shirt design contest for their 2022 T-shirts. These T-shirts will be sold as a year-long fundraiser for the organization. The winner will be announced August 19, 2022. By participating in the contest, the artist accepts and agrees to comply with the Official Rules.


The contest is open to the entire community! If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must sign the consent block on the Official Entry Form to ensure that you have your parent or legal guardian’s permission. You MUST be a resident of the United States. The Gifted Gown is unable to accept applications outside of the United States.

To enter the Contest, eligible participants must:

1) Complete the Official Entry Form.

2) Be a resident of the United States.

3) Choose a theme and create a design. Design should reflect The Gifted Gown’s mission and what they do in the community. Their name/logo integrated into the design is preferred but not mandatory.

4) Convert the design into a usable web version and a scalable vector as well as print quality version of the design. Electronic versions only. The design must adapt well to electronic and print media, reproduction on small and large surfaces, and for use in color or in grayscale.


Artists must submit designs and completed entries by 11:59 pm August 12, 2022.

The design should be dynamic, unique, and creative, and it must include a direct correlation to The Gifted Gown’s mission.

For the purpose of submission, please submit the design in .jpg and as a .pdf file. If the design includes non-standards fonts, you must be able to provide the name of the font if your design is selected.

One winner will be selected and will receive: Two T-Shirts with the winning logo; $300 cash; Artistic credit for your winning design on the website, in print and other media as well as featured in The Gifted Gown’s boutique and all social media. The winning design will be used as the official T-shirt of The Gifted Gown for 2022.

All entry designs will be screened to ensure that they comply with the Official Contest rules and that they have met the guidelines and specifications, as seen on The Gifted Gown’s website and in the guideline document. All entries will be judged by the public and voted on. The design with the most votes from the public after the submission deadline is met will be the winner.
In the event that no entry is selected, The Gifted Gown reserves the right to declare no winner and run the contest again at a later date. The Gifted Gown will have all rights to the winning design. By submitting your entry, you agree that if your design wins, you release all rights to The Gifted Gown to be used by The Gifted Gown as deemed necessary.

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