Speedway Arts Council Seeks Artists for Interactive Historical Murals on Main Street

Speedway Arts Council Seeks Artists for Interactive Historical Murals on Main Street

Posted by Speedway Arts Council

Posted: Oct, 02, 2021

Public Art

Website: https://speedwayarts.org

 1032 N. Main St and 1038 N. Main St, Indianapolis, IN, 46224

The Speedway Arts Council is seeking artist(s) for two interactive/historical murals on Main Street.

The location of the proposed project is two adjoined buildings, 1038 Main St, Charlie Brown’s Pancake and Steakhouse and 1032 Main St, Voom Room and City Dogs Grocery.  The two murals will be located on the south sides of the buildings, both viewable from Main Street. 

The wall space on Charlie Brown’s is 550 square feet and is adjacent to an outdoor sitting area in front of the Voom Room Salon. The Charlie Brown’s building was constructed in 1948 by Ira Edwards, who opened the Speedway Furniture Store. In the early-to-mid 1970s, it was used as a community meeting Lodge Hall until Charlie Brown’s opened for business in July of 1975. The vision for this portion of the project is to incorporate the furniture designs of the late 40’s/50’s. Some ideas for content include vintage beauty salon chairs and equipment, furniture store scene, and/or a vintage diner scene where the public can stand against the wall for photo opportunities. Speedway Arts Council is identifying pictures of notable Speedway residents from this time period to potentially include in this mural. 

The wall on City Dogs/Voom Room is 1,200 square feet, adjacent to a parking area with a 10-car capacity facing Ford St. This building was the old Speedway Motor Service Garage in the 1940s through the 1970s. The vision for this mural is an artistic interpretation of the attached Speedway Motor Service photo with period appropriate vehicles backed into the garages so visitors parking in this lot will be “bumper to bumper” with the classic cars.

To apply for consideration of one or both murals, click HERE for an online form OR submit contact information and a couple examples of artistic style and past projects to speedwayarts@gmail.com.

Application deadline: December 3, 2022

Mural must be completed by July of 2023.

Artist(s) will be compensated and rate is negotiable with a $2,000 paint supply budget.