Chronotopia Seeks Artists for Transit Art Commissions

Chronotopia Seeks Artists for Transit Art Commissions


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Public Art Agency Sweden and the Swedish Transport Administration are launching Chronotopia: Centralen and Olskroken – an international art competition to contribute to one of Gothenburg’s biggest-ever construction projects. Artists will get the opportunity to make large-scale artistic designs for the West Link and Olskroken – new underground railway lines and installations beneath central Gothenburg, including 14 new bridges at Olskroken. Construction work is planned to start in 2018, with the first trains due to run through the tunnel in 2026. 

The preliminary budget, for the artistic designs in the new underground Station Centralen and for the new bridges and environs at Olskroken, is SEK 8-9 million (approx. EUR 920,000 or US$1,042,893).

Individual professional artists or groups of artists can submit a notification of interest. One artist must, however, be the main applicant. The notification of interest is to be submitted in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or English. 

The first stage of the competition takes place from March 21 to April 27 2016, when artists are invited to submit Notifications of interest. Any questions during the prequalification period are to be sent by e-mail to: Questions and answers can be accessed by all interested parties. The final date to ask questions is April 20. Final day for publishing the answers on the web site is April 22.

A jury will then select six artists, individuals or groups, according to the criteria outlined.  The six competing finalist artists/artist groups (three for Station Centralen, three for Olskroken) will each be paid the sum of SEK 150,000 excl. VAT (approx. EUR 16,000) after correct submission of jury-approved competition proposals. The competition assignment involves producing proposals for the artistic design of Station Centralen and Olskroken. In the project the relationships between the different places are important and, in order to maintain the idea of flow, the six competitors will propose ideas for artistic designs that span both Station Centralen and the bridges and environs at Olskroken. 

The jury will preliminary announce the winner of the competition on 15 January 2017.

For full project information and application instructions, visit this link.