Matsui Waterfront Park Seeks Public Artist

Matsui Waterfront Park Seeks Public Artist


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The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission invites artists and artist teams with experience in the design, fabrication and installation of artwork in the public realm to apply for the Matsui Waterfront Park public art project.   

Budget: $234,686 including design, fabrication and installation.

About Matsui Waterfront Park:  Located on the Sacramento River, Matsui Waterfront Park is approximately 6.5 acres in size and planted with native grasses, trees and vegetation. The site is bordered on the west by the Sacramento River and Parkway bicycle trail and to the east by Interstate 5.    One of Sacramento’s major Water Intake Plants is adjacent to the park.  A major bike trail provides access to Discovery Park, one of Sacramento’s only public beaches to the north of the park.  Additionally, Old Town Sacramento, the Crocker Art Museum, the California State Railroad Museum and other cultural amenities are located along this trail. Old Sacramento is the site of several historic mid-nineteenth century landmarks. Once home to gold rush businesses, the area now houses numerous restaurants, shops and entertainment venues.   The park is also the future home of the Powerhouse Science Center (PSC), which will include a new facility and the redevelopment of an historic PG&E building. The PSC will provide an informal environment where visitors of all ages can encounter hands-on learning experiences in the areas of science, math, technology, engineering,  space and specifically water conservation, treatment, and intake.  


  • Applications Due:       May 16, 2016
  • Artist Finalist Selected:     May, 2016
  • Artwork Design Development:    June – August, 2016
  • Artwork Fabrication/Installation    August 2016 – August, 2017

Artist Selection Criteria

Criteria for the selection of the artist include, but are not limited to:

1. Quality and artistic excellence of past work and proposed designs;

2. Artist’s technical abilities as demonstrated in previous commissioned artwork;

3. Artist’s ability to address site?responsive public art projects;

4. Willingness of the artist to consult and work with City representatives and Arts Commission staff to ensure efficient integration of artwork into the site;

5. Artist’s ability to carry out the commission, keep the project within budget, and to complete and install the work on schedule; and

6. Artist’s knowledge of, and ability to, work with durable materials that are appropriate for exposure in a public environment and that require minimal care and long-term maintenance.

Application Procedure

  • Use only paper clips to bind your materials.  
  • If materials are submitted that have not been requested, they will not be reviewed.  
  • Applicants must submit the following information:
    • 1. Application: See one?page application below.
    • 2. Résumé: four pages maximum.
    • 3. Statement of your approach to making art and the concerns of public art in particular.
    • 4. Ten images of past work on a CD
      • All images must be in a PowerPoint or in JPEG format (.jpg).
      • PowerPoint images:   
        • PowerPoint files are to be named with artist’s last name, first initial (smithj). 
        • Number each slide in the lower right corner, corresponding to the annotated image list.
      • JPEG images:  
        • Each image file to be named with artist’s last name, first initial, underscore, and number corresponding to the annotated image list. (smithj_01.jpg).
        • Image size must be at least 1024 pixels (14.222”) on the longest side, at 72dpi.
    • 5. Annotated Image List must include:
      • title of artwork,  
      • media, dimensions,
      • year completed,  
      • budget,  
      • commissioning agency,  
      • number corresponding to a CD filename,  
      • a brief narrated project description, and  
      • a thumbnail of each image.

Application Deadline and Submission

Application materials must be received at the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission offices no later than 5:00 pm on Monday, May 16, 2016.  Postmarks not accepted.

Mail or drop off application packets to:

Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission

1030 15th Street, Suite 240

Sacramento, CA 95814

Attn: Public Art Application

Submit electronically to:

Subject line must be: Public Art Application

SMAC staff will not be held responsible for lost electronic applications with a different subject line.  It is recommended that applicants follow up with SMAC staff via phone or a separate email to make sure an application was received.

Review full opportunity listing and download the RFQ document for complete information and instructions.