Sarasota, FL Seeks Commissioned Public Art

Sarasota, FL Seeks Commissioned Public Art


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The City of Sarasota, Florida is sponsoring an outdoor landmark sculpture for placement within a future roadway roundabout at the intersection of Orange Avenue and Ringling Boulevard in a downtown location. This project is related to a new public art initiative that is focused on acquiring public works of art that will be permanently displayed in numerous roundabouts that will be constructed during the next decade. The City intends to construct approximately 16 new roundabouts by 2025 which will incorporate public artwork in the center islands.

*****This is a Request for Proposals.  Artists must submit sketches of their artwork idea as part of the application process.*****

Project Budget:  $150,000.  This artwork budget will reflect all costs associated with the project, including but not limited to such items as: design, engineering (including the foundation), production, transport, installation, site preparation, travel expenses, and required insurance. It is anticipated that some of the associated artwork project costs such as electrical conduit being run to the sculpture location and a general artwork base platform will be covered within a general roundabout construction budget. If unusual lighting or foundation needs are proposed by the artist, these costs must be accounted for within the proposed artwork budget.

Eligibility:  To compete in this design competition, an artist must have successfully completed other public commissions of a similar scale and budget. An artist must also have a successful track record of producing outdoor artworks that can withstand Florida’s environment and climate. Artists are allowed to apply in teams. Artists applying as a team must split the allotted number of work examples between themselves.

Selection Process:  The City of Sarasota Public Art Committee will review all submitted material and select three artist finalists. The three selected finalists will be paid $1,000.00 honorariums for an in-person presentation of their proposed site specific artwork which shall include a maquette. The three selected artists are responsible for transportation, lodging, and food costs when making their in-person presentation to the Public Art Committee. The Public Art Committee will rank the three finalists’ proposals and make a recommendation to the City Commission. The City Commission makes the final determination of the selected artwork.


  • Deadline for submission: July 10, 2016
  • General review of applicants by the Public Art Committee: July/August, 2016
  • Finalist presentations to the Public Art Committee: September, 2016
  • Recommendation of the Public Art Committee presented to City Commission: November, 2016
  • Artist under contract: December, 2016
  • Anticipated project completion and installation: November, 2017


To apply:  Call For Entry dot org