Streetcorner Canvases: Traffic Signal Box Art Prog...

Streetcorner Canvases: Traffic Signal Box Art Prog...

Posted by Arts Council of Indianapolis

Posted: Jun, 02, 2016

Public Art - Visual


 Indianapolis, IN, Unknown

The purpose of the traffic signal box art program is to enable Indianapolis’ neighborhoods to express their identity, beautify their streets, and discourage “tagging” vandalism of the neighborhood’s traffic signal control boxes (TSBs). The process is neighborhood-driven, with the Arts Council of Indianapolis assisting neighborhoods or other citizen groups by setting a common process, technical standards and aesthetic guidelines; working with the Department of Public Works to reserve, permit and track the boxes used; and providing advice and support for finding and working with artists and then maintaining the TSBs once they are done.

Anyone—from a non-profit organization to a neighborhood association to a casual group—has the opportunity to commission artists to enhance TSBs. Artists who have obtained neighborhood association approval can also apply directly to enhance TSBs. Either direct painting or digitally-printed vinyl wraps can be used for these artistic enhancements.

For more information, and to download the Participation Guide, go here.