Book Illustrator Sought for Upcoming Techno Thriller

Book Illustrator Sought for Upcoming Techno Thriller

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Book illustrator sought for upcoming Techno Thriller

An illustration is sought for the cover of a new techno thriller book. The vision for the book cover somewhere between naturalism, Super Realism, Realism, and Sci-Fi. The author would like to see a background filled with nuclear mushroom cloud with both the old Soviet hammer and sickle and the American flag hovering in the foreground.  A 727 and a large fishing boat like those on Deadliest Catch should be included. The title should be included in both English and Russian as well as a ghostly image of a man’s face.

From the author: “My book is a techno thriller in the Clancy-esque genre.  The story is about stolen nuclear weapons and betrayal by those in the shadows of the government.  A ruthless mercenary who has no concern for human life is set loose in the US with these weapons. I have a mental image of what I’m looking for,  need to find someone who can transfer it to the book cover.” – 

Artists, illustrators, or designers are encouraged to submit up to 5 images of past work and contact information (phone, e-mail, web, etc) to  Budget is negotiable based upon experience. The submissions will be reviewed and sent to the writer/publisher. 

Deadline for submissions is Monday, June 6, 2016.