Call for Public Art - O'Hare Airport

Call for Public Art - O'Hare Airport


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O’Hare Modernization Program // Call for Public Art

Professional artists of 2D, 3D, and digital media are invited to participate in a call for Public Art at the new Joint-Use Consolidated Rental Car/Parking Facility and ATS Station at O’Hare Airport in Chicago, Illinois, USA. This opportunity gives artists to exhibit their artwork to 1.5 million people monthly in this new facility at one of the largest international airports in the world.

Applicants are encouraged to visit the site prior to submission. Qualification submittals are due 11:59 pm CST, May 31, 2016. All applicants must digitally submit the following below via link.

Letter of Interest articulating your qualifications, interest in this project, and, if applicable, prior experience with comparable projects.  (1000 character limit.)
Images of past work (5-10) that best demonstrate the applicant’s skill and craftsmanship.
Resume that clearly highlights the applicant or team’s past experience and education relevant to this opportunity (no more than 3 pages – saved as a .pdf). If you are an individual provide as a resume or curriculum vitae. If you are a team provide equivalent history of projects and experience.
Proof of Public Art History through .pdf or .doc document is a requirement that highlights the artists past work with public art projects through reputable organizations; evidence related to staying within budget, meeting deadlines, and underlining multiple projects of professional art history within each team and individual.
Support Materials Demonstrating Professional Recognition such as exhibition catalogs, reviews, articles, and other materials showing any awards, honors, or grants received. 
Application submitted via café.org to include contact information, dealer/gallery information, institution/affiliation, category, materials, style and price.

Application is open to all professional artists world wide. Artists or teams can submit qualifications for all commissions. An artist who applies as a team member may also apply as an individual. All PhD, Undergraduate and Graduate students are not eligible.

The IRC will complete the initial applicant review. IRC will read qualification submissions and deliberate to narrow field of applicants. IRC will recommend a shortlist to advance to RFP design-concept competition phase. 21 potential individual artists/teams will be advanced; averaging 3 artists/teams per 7 sites. All advanced teams will receive stipend, be required for an initial site visit and will be interviewed by the selection committee.

All types of medium allowed (2D, 3D). Upload digital .jpg images to represent your work. Minimum media: 5, Maximum media: 10

5.  SITE 
To facilitate the approximately 7,000 parking spaces, a new Joint-Use Consolidated Rental Car/Parking Facility and ATS Station at O’Hare airport will be constructed on a new 33 acre site located in the east side of Mannheim Road and north of Zemke Boulevard, in the area currently used as the long-term public parking Lot F. The JUF will be a multimodal transportation center combining airline, light rail transit, suburban rail, bus, shuttle, as well as both rental and privately owned vehicles at one location to facilitate travel within the Chicago metropolitan area and to destinations throughout the world. At approximately 500,000 square feet per floor, the facility will become one of the largest structures in the Midwest with over 3 million gross square feet. The functional and visual focal point of the building is the Customer Service Center (CSC) and the Airport Transit System (ATS) station. The design combines these two operations into one space that creates for all practical purposes another “terminal” for the airport. The ATS will serve to transfer rental car and parking customers and bus riders to and from the four passenger terminals. It is estimated there will be approximately 1.5 million visitors per month, giving the artist a large opportunity to display their artwork to international travelers. 

The new facility will house an opportunity for seven spaces for artists/teams to compete to display their new innovative ideas for public art. Considering the large daily traffic through the structure (an estimated 1.5 million people per month), this serves as an opportunity for artists to display their effort and interpretation of public art related to the site. The selection process of proposals will be led by panel of professional arts administrators, curators, arts leaders and city officials.

The budget has not been determined yet. The information regarding the budget will not be released until the RFP (Request for Proposal) phase. Any new information received will be properly reflected on this application page.

Project 1: 2-Dimension (3 locations)
Interior façade enhancements to large scale walls where the opportunity for a visual statement makes most impact.

Opportunity for two dimensional medium of artwork to span large scale square footage
High-quality mural addition
Glazing enhancement to the structure designs (paintings, plaster, photographs, language art)
Makes the space iconic, sets the language and tone of the public area

Project 2: 3-Dimension (2 locations)
Exterior interactive opportunity designated for the outside world wide commuters and visitors.

An opportunity for a three dimensional representative of an abstract form
Sets the language and tone for the space and zone designated for world wide travelers
Sustainable in all types of weather, durable, and have low maintenance requirements

Project 3: Technology (2 locations)
An interior, visible opportunity for the transition of spaces shown through a substantial digital and / or light-based installation.n

LED-based artwork, or other light-based installation
Digital or technological installation
Grand in size, scale, vision, or impact
Makes the transition space evident, creates presence, announces building activity