Salt Lake Community College Seeks Artist(s) for Commissioned Public Art

Salt Lake Community College Seeks Artist(s) for Commissioned Public Art



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Please review the full RFQ document located here.

In honor of, and in keeping with, Salt Lake Community College’s (SLCC) desire to create a “state of the art” facility to serve the technical education needs of Westpointe, Salt Lake City and environs, the Art Selection Committee for this project is interested in working with an artist(s) that understands this pride of place and the earnest desire to serve the community. 

SLCC’s Westpointe Career and Technical Education Center (WCTEC), located near the Salt Lake City Airport, will bring together technical education in multiple trades vital to the long term economic vitality of the Salt Lake Valley, including Composites Manufacturing, Plastics Manufacturing, Machining, Welding, Mechatronics/Industrial Robotics, Diesel Maintenance and CDL Truck Driving. The project vision is that the Westpointe Career and Technical Education Center will be a state-of-the-art technical education facility that prepares students for successful careers in regional business and industry. It will be a safe, healthy and technically sophisticated facility for hands-on learning, incorporating the highest possible levels of life safety, security, daylight, clean air and efficient use of energy and water into all of the activities within. The building will be flexible and adaptable to respond nimbly to the changing needs of the surrounding community. It will use its highly visible site to clearly express the goals and values of Salt Lake Community College. 

The Art Selection Committee has expressed an interest in both “place making” for the community and in creating space / place that adds to the experience for the students. The campus also includes photovoltaic panels on both the grounds and roof that may be accessible for power supply to artist’s concepts. The Art Selection Committee has identified areas that may be suitable for public art but remain open to artist suggested sites as envisioned by the artist. Areas identified include: the interior and/or exterior of the main entry points at the southwest and southeast, the East plaza and/or screens between parking and the facility, the 200 yard undulating berm located east of the building and west of I-215, two story space showroom on the south end main level and, finally, the nearly 200 yard interior west side corridor.

BUDGET: $309,000 is available for all related expenses of this Public Art commission(s) including (but not limited to) artist fees, fabrication, insurance, shipping, travel, installation, documentation, etc.

ELIGIBILITY: This project is open to American legal / resident professional artists. 


  • June 30, 2016 – Deadline for receipt of preliminary materials
  • July 14, 2016 – Committee Review
  • September 15, 2016 – Finalists interviews
  • November, 2017 – Project substantial completion 


Interested artists may submit applications EITHER online OR by compact disc/DVD as described below. The deadline is the same for both methods and is not a postmark deadline. Please do not include supplemental materials beyond the requirements listed below.

On-line Method: Register at and follow the directions for registration and submitting material for this Public Art Request for Qualifications. This online application process will prompt you for all necessary documents and information. If your work cannot be documented well with still image you may submit movie files via the “Compact Disc or DVD Method” listed below. Movie files cannot be submitted via the online method.  There is no charge to submit online, but applicants must register for a free account in order to complete the submission.

Compact Disc or DVD Method: Artists may submit a PC-compatible CD labeled with contact information, consisting of 1) applicant’s name and 2) applicant’s email and phone number.

The disc should contain:

  • A letter of interest of not more than two typewritten pages in pdf format. This letter should include 1) the artist’s reasons for interest in this project in particular and 2) a description of how his/her work and/or experience relates to the project.
  • A maximum of six (6) images of previous site-specific public work. All images must be in JPEG format, 1920 pixels maximum on the longest side, 72 dpi, with compression settings resulting in the best image quality for under 2MB file size. The image files should be named so that the list sorts in the order of the image listing.
  • A pdf document indentifying each image, to include title, year, medium, dimensions and artist name.
  • A professional resume in pdf format.

If the work cannot be documented well with still images, a DVD (of no more than 3 minutes) may be submitted as documentation of an artist’s projects. Please note only one type of documentation–media file OR still images–can be presented to the committee in this preliminary phase.

Please send, deliver or courier compact disc method applications to: Jim Glenn, Utah Public Art Program, Attention: SLCC Westpointe Campus, Utah Arts & Museums, 300 S Rio Grande Salt Lake City, UT 84101.