I-Dentity: Diverse & Inclusive Exhibition Seeks Artwork

I-Dentity: Diverse & Inclusive Exhibition Seeks Artwork

Website: http://www.facebook.com/IDentityNearWest

 Indianapolis, IN, Unknown

I-Dentity: “Inclusive and Diverse” Arts Festival

Call for Artists   

Date: September 3rd, 2016

Time: 3pm-7pm

Address: 1899 Experience Venue

     164 Steeples Blvd

     Indianapolis, IN 46222

Deadline: August 5, 2016

I-Dentity is inviting artists to exhibit their work on Saturday, September 3 from 3pm-7pm.

I-Dentity Near West Arts Collaborative is a resident-led arts organization dedicated to engaging residents of the Near West side of Indianapolis in the arts.  This year the organization is hosting its first annual arts festival, I-Dentity: Inclusive and Diverse, the event will bring artists and residents of Near West together for arts appreciation and community engagement.

The mission of both I-Dentity Near West Arts Collaborative and its inaugural arts festival, “Inclusive and Diverse” is to showcase assets located in the Near West geographical area of the city, while also giving visual, musical and performing artists an opportunity to gain recognition and support their trade.  Our organization promotes the unique arts culture in the Near West so that it may gain momentum and ultimately thrive in an area that has been largely devoid of major arts institutions and events. Our organization highlights the rich history, diverse culture and heartfelt hospitality of this Hoosier neighborhood.

They are inviting all artists, with a particular emphasis on showcasing Near West residents.

If you are interested please include the following information in your letter of interest:

  • 3-5 product images in JPEG format showing just one artwork per image.  These images will be used in publicity for the show.
  • 1 artist information sheet (should include: website, email, mailing address, a little about yourself and about your particular craft or media.

Submit your intent to participate @ IDentityNearWest@yahoo.com by  August 5, 2016

Artists provide all display fixtures, table coverings, and supplemental lighting, and may bring their own tables or may rent an 8’ x 30” table for $10.00. If you plan on renting a table please state so in your letter of intent. Chairs will be provided. Artists are expected to be present during all event hours and must be set up by 2:00 pm, well before the 3:00 pm start time. The organizers and host facility of the event will not be held liable for any loss, damage, theft or injury related to artwork or artist participants.

For additional information please contact Juli at IDentityNearWest@yahoo.com

Visit and like us at www.facebook.com/IDentityNearWest