Slow Food Indy Seeks Artwork for Food Con VI Exhibition

Slow Food Indy Seeks Artwork for Food Con VI Exhibition


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Slow Food Indy Seeks Artwork for Food Con VI Exhibition

What does good, clean, fair food for everyone look like to you? What images does it conjure up in your mind? Do you imagine bustling organic farms or backyard gardens? Food co-ops or farm-to-table restaurants? School gardens or farms workers earning fair wages?

To Slow Food Indy, it means all those things, and for our Slow Art exhibit at Food Con VI, they would like to see your vision!

Call for Submissions

They are seeking new and existing submissions on the theme of “good, clean and fair food for all” for the one-day exhibition at the Harrison Center for the Arts during Food Con VI. The work will be displayed prominently at the Slow Food Indy booth in the Food Con VI tent on the lawn of the Harrison Center.

They want pieces to provoke conversations, spark ideas and bring our Slow Food principles to life!

Please send an email at letting them know of your intention to submit a piece to the show by June 10. Pieces will be due on June 24.

Possible ideas for submission include:

  • Portraits of farmers, chefs, servers or others working in the food system; images of farms, restaurants, kitchens; images of vegetables/fruits/meals/act of cooking. However, don’t feel bound by convention!

Show what good, clean and fair food for all represents for you. Work in all media welcome.

About Slow Food Indy

Slow Food Indy connects consumers in central Indiana to the people and places that supply what they eat, and promotes a good, clean and fair food system for everyone.

Food Con VI is completely free to the public, and there will something fun for all ages. The evening will be in combination with July’s IDADA First Friday and can serve as an ideal way to kick off the Independence Day weekend. Join the Harrison Center for the Arts as artists, foodies and members of the sustainable food community come together in a delightfully unconventional convention! Visit

Details and deadlines

Please submit expression of interest by Friday, June 10

Deadline for submission of art work: Friday, June 24

If the work is being offered for sale during the show, the artist keeps 100% of the sale price.

Please email for more information.