Performance Director for The Murder Mystery Company

Performance Director for The Murder Mystery Company


 Unknown, FL, Unknown

Title: Performance Director
Hours: 6-40 per week (part-time with full-time requirements seasonally)
Employment Type: Independent Contractor
Compensation: $12-14 hourly
Location: Tampa, FL

The Murder Mystery Company is seeking to hire an organized and diligent candidate for the position of director. The individual would be responsible for taking charge as a strong, competent leader and enthusiastic role model for the Tampa, FL troupe.

The director position will require a set amount of hours per week dependent upon the quantity of shows scheduled. Regular duties will consist of the following:

Presiding over weekly rehearsals in a location central to the troupe
Attending mandatory company-wide conference calls once per month (scheduled 6 months in advance)
Attend and facilitate auditions for new actors as needed and make final decisions on hiring (a minimum of two auditions per year)
Prepare and build show bins for upcoming scheduled performances
Reorganize and check show bins once returned from scheduled shows and follow up on post show reports (can be delegated to AD with monitoring)
Cast upcoming scheduled shows no less than 3 weeks in advance
Report both director and (if applicable) assistant director hours weekly
Deposit all show payments (if applicable)
Report mugshot memento sales for all public shows
Report all “At Show” leads
Report logs for the troupe’s MMC credit cards/checks (if applicable)
Work with regional managers to maintain up-to-date inventory

To apply for this position, send an email with your resume and head shot to