City of Charlotte Seeks Artists for 25th St Bridge Project

City of Charlotte Seeks Artists for 25th St Bridge Project


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The Arts & Science Council (ASC) is accepting qualifications from professional Artists or Teams of Artists in response to a public art opportunity for the City of Charlotte’s 25th St. Bridge.  The goals for 25th St. Bridge include:

  • Provide a direct street connection from Brevard Street to N Davidson Street.
  • Improve accessibility to the Villa Heights neighborhood and the 25th Street Light Rail Station.
  • Connectivity to the Cross Charlotte Trail.
  • Promote economic development by providing infrastructure to support and encourage transit supportive development

This public art opportunity will have a substantial influence on the aesthetics of the 25th St. Bridge, and in turn impact the surrounding neighborhoods, businesses, and pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic. The selected artist or artist team will be invited to create an innovative work or works that will be directly integrated into the bridge, and invite diverse interpretations. Artists with experience in a broad range of materials will be considered for the opportunity.

The 25th St. Bridge has many siting opportunities for art. The barrier face wall, exposed wing wall, concrete end posts, accent columns, sidewalks, and railings are all potential locations for the integration of artwork. A broad range of mediums will be considered and may include, but are not limited to sculptural elements, tiling, light, formliners, and brickwork. 

The selected artist or artist team will be required to work closely with ASC staff, City Project Managers, and Engineers to ensure the successful integration of their work into the 25th St. Bridge. Applicants with proven successes at working collaboratively will be strongly considered.

BUDGET:  An amount not to exceed $124,000 is allocated to include all artists’ fees, design, fabrication and installation.  Engineering fees and all requirements for code shall be included in this amount.

ELIGIBILITY:  Professional artists residing in the United States who have experience managing, designing and completing public art project commissions over $55,000 within the past five (5) years are eligible.  Architects interested in applying must have successfully completed at least three (3) public art projects (that are distinguished from infrastructure design) within the last five (5) years to be considered eligible to participate in this opportunity. 

APPLICATION/SUBMISSION PROCESS:  Participants must submit all required materials through SlideRoom (, an online application system.


  • Credentials:  a Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) demonstrating professional history and skills or experience as a professional artist (maximum two pages)
  • Statement of Interest:  a brief introductory narrative that also provides insight about your interest in the project
  • Images: up to ten (10) images or three (3) digital video or movie files limited to two minutes each – of recent work completed within the past five (5) years
  • Annotation: titles, date, media and dimensions of artwork
  • References will be requested from the finalists

SlideRoom technical support is available Monday – Saturday by email until 8 p.m. (CDT) at

Review the full call and project drawings here.