Auditions - Barking Signals

Auditions - Barking Signals

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AUDITIONS For Barking Signals This Saturday

Barking Signals (badly) During Goldwater: Hut, Hut, Now What?
A play by Garret Mathews

DIRECTOR: MaryAnne Mathews

AUDITION DATE: April 30, 1-3 p.m., Monon Community Center East, Program Room A, 1235 Central Park Dr E, Carmel, IN 46032

DATES: Will be performed during IndyFringe Festival 2016 August 18-28, six performances — dates, times, and place TBA
REHEARSALS: To be determined after casting, but anticipated initial early reading(s) in May or June, rehearsals in late July, early August
PAY: Minimum $250, maximum $600 (share in the profits)
EXPECTATIONS: Cast members (especially Tommy, Jerry, and Archie) expected to busk just prior and during Fringe, use social media to promote show, place posters. Cast also acts as stage crew.

SETTING: Small high school deep in the Virginia mountains in 1964.


TOMMY, A.C., and JERRY are seniors in high school.

TOMMY: Very intelligent, but lacks social skills. Borderline arrogant. Supremely confident. Considers any new situation a challenge he can successfully master because of his high intellect. Has a disdain for his home town because of the lack of scholarly outlets. Not very physically developed.

A.C.: Also very intelligent, but understands social situations better than Tommy. Low self-image, especially in the physical fitness department. His parents are not interested in sports and never exposed their son to anything at all rigorous. Doesn’t even have high self-esteem intellectually because he knows he comes up short compared to Tommy.

JERRY: Quiet, borderline sullen. His background is completely different from Tommy and A.C. because his father is a coal miner. Physically fit because he also works in the mines while going to high school. Not a strong student, but knows more about life than the other two boys.

COACH NELSON: Loves being a coach. Loves being a coach in Virginia’s mountains even more. Realistic enough to know that his players will never play at a higher level and the overwhelming majority will dig coal the rest of their lives. Just wants to keep 
a struggling football program alive.