Auditions - Charlotte's Web

Auditions - Charlotte's Web

Posted by Spotlight Theatre

Posted: Jun, 02, 2016



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Spotlight Players will conduct open auditions for “Charlotte’s Web,” adapted by Joseph Robinette and based on the story by E.B. White, directed by Jim LaMonte at 6:30pm on Thursday, May 5th at Theater at the Fort at 8920 Otis Ave, Lawrence, IN. The play will be staged June 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26.

The production will include 2 children, a girl and boy, ages 10 – 12. All of the other characters, including farm animals will be adults. If auditioning for an animal part, you will be asked to read lines in a character voice. Contact Jim LaMonte, director, by e-mail, text or phone at, or 413-4817 for questions or to set up an alternate audition time if you are unable to attend the Thursday audition.

Following are characters in the show (doubling will be considered): no characters have been cast yet.

Charlotte: Female adult. Has a commanding personality, pleasant, articulate.

Wilbur: Male adult. Wilbur is sensitive and vulnerable. He experiences a whole range of emotions on his journey. He is sweet and fun and naïve and must be able to portray many emotions to the audience.

Fern: Age 10-12. Fern is completely loving. Fern is enchanted by life at the Zuckerman’s barn and enjoys listening to Charlotte’s stories and spending time with the animals there.

Templeton: Male adult. Templeton is the rat who lives under Wilbur’s trough. Crafty and selfish. Templeton must be played by someone who can portray a humorous character.

Mr. Arable: Male adult. Fern’s father. He is a practical man.

Mrs. Arable: Female Adult. Fern’s mother. Mrs. Arable is portrayed as rather neurotic.

Mr. Homer Zuckerman: Male adult. Mr. Zuckerman is Avery and Fern’s uncle and the owner of a large farm down the road from the Arable’s.

Avery: Age 10-12. Avery is Fern’s elder brother: He is boisterous and annoying and whiny.

Lurvy: Male adult. Lurvy is the Zuckerman’s hired man who works very hard and is completely hands on. He is goofy and a little confused.

Uncle: Male adult. Uncle is the large spring pig that lives next to Wilbur at the Fair.

Ram: Male adult. Big voice.

Lamb: Female adult.

Goose: Female adult.

Gander: Male adult.

Sheep: Female adult.

Narrator: Male/Female adult. Lots of lines and must be able to deliver them loudly and with emotion.

Baby Spiders, Photographers, fair-goers, etc.: Male/Female adults.