Town of Irvington Holding Sign Re-design Competition

Town of Irvington Holding Sign Re-design Competition


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The community of Irvington needs a new sign! They’re unsure how many years the Town of Irvington sign was posted near the eastern edge of Irvington (at 6738 East Washington Street), but they do know that the wooden sign has rotted beyond repair and fallen from its mount. Until recently, the sign had been posted along the historic National Road, and thousands of motorists, bus riders, bicyclists, and walkers travel this stretch of road every day. (For more info about the National Road, go to )

With support from Irvington organizations including Irvington Terrace Crime Watch, Historic Irvington Community Council (HICC), Irvington Pet Clinic, Irvington Development Organization (IDO), Irvington Garden Club, and Coal Yard Coffee, a group of neighbors have set out to replace the sign and revamp the space.

They’re hiring an artist to design and create a new sign. Artists, download the RFP at and submit your design before the August 21 deadline. If Irvingtonians vote your design as their favorite, you’ll receive $1,000 plus up to $300 for project supplies, and you’ll have the honor of creating the new sign, to be installed in October 2016.
The best sign design will reflect the neighborhood’s character. Irvington residents are known for their love of history, art, architecture, literature, and nature. They’re dedicated to preserving the past while also supporting innovation and growth.

To improve the overall look of the site where the sign will be posted, a crew of neighbors will remove the existing bushes and replace them with small native trees, native plants, and mulch. They’re incorporating native plants in this space because they are environmentally friendly, naturally conserve resources such as water, and support wildlife.
Interested in owning the original sign? They’ll soon announce details for bidding on it in a silent auction. Interested in seeing the artists’ drawings in person and helping choose the winning design? Stay tuned.

Wondering how you can help prep, plant, and maintain the space? Great! For updates on this project, follow them on Facebook ( and Twitter (@Irv_reSigned), and encourage your favorite artists to enter the contest.