Auditions - Dad's Christmas Miracle

Auditions - Dad's Christmas Miracle

Posted by Carmel Community Players, Inc.

Posted: Jun, 02, 2016



 Carmel, IN, Unknown

Dad’s Christmas Miracle

Comedy by Pat Cook
Directed by Dee Timi
Auditions are Sunday, Oct. 9th and Monday, Oct. 10th, 7:00PM to 9:00PM at the Carmel Community Playhouse in Clay Terrace.
Production Dates : Dec. 2nd through Dec. 18th, 2016
First read through Wednesday, Oct. 12th at 7:00 PM at the Carmel Community Playhouse in Clay Terrace.
Rehearsal time at CCP, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM most week nights. Cast will be off on Halloween and Thanksgiving. (Consideration will be given to school conflicts)

This holiday season take time out to remember when; “If you had a dollar, it was more money than you knew what to do with; when if you had an hour to play, it seemed like forever, and when the very best time in the whole world had to be Christmas.” Step back – look back and enjoy Pat Cook’s funny and loving Yuletide Miracle.”

(Director’s take)

“Dad’s Christmas Miracle” is a holiday experience, a time to enjoy getting into mischief with you friends and tolerate your family during ‘the season.’ It’s the memories of Conner Murphy as a 12 year old with dreams of a go-cart for Christmas. It’s what really happens after a bad report card, a Christmas play that goes wrong all while a Greek chorus keeps the festivities moving.


Conner Murphy – 12 year old boy
Miss McLaughlin – a teacher
Neil Garner – 12 year old boy
Tater Taggart – 12 year old boy
Dad – the perennial father
Mother – his wife
Frank Murphy – Conner’s 17 year old brother
Jessica Murphy – Conner’s 14 year old sister
Madelyn – Jessica’s classmate & friend
Harriet – A neighbor and family friend
Will be casting all roles : 6 teenagers (4 males, 2 females, one adult man, and 3 adult women)

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