Epilogue Players Seeks Full-Length Play Submission...

Epilogue Players Seeks Full-Length Play Submission...

EPILOGUE PLAYERS is seeking full-length play submissions for the 2017-2018 season. Prospective directors are invited to submit scripts for two plays of different genres—Comedy, Drama or Mystery; however, one submission would be acceptable.

Epilogue features five productions each season, running in September, November, March, May and July…each with a minimum of six weeks rehearsal time. As they are a member of the Encore Association, no roles may be pre-cast and open auditions are held.

Directors may bring their own staff or may request staff members from our theatre membership. Plays appealing to all ages, including, but not limited to senior citizens, are recommended.

Because of space limitations, single set staging and modest technical and production requirements must be considered.

Please submit your scripts as soon as possible, but no later than December 31, 2016. Scripts will be returned to you once they have been read by members of the play selection committee.

From the list above, they ask that you indicate both the production time you prefer as well as the times you would NOT be available to direct. Also, especially if you are new to Epilogue, they urge you to submit a brief resume of your directing and/or other theatrical experience. The 2017-2018 season selections will be announced in February, 2017.

Please mail your scripts and contact information to:
Epilogue Players
Play Selection Committee
Coleen Kubit
4348 Fletcher Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203-1543

If you need further information or wish to make arrangements to deliver the material directly to the theatre, contact Lea Viney at (317) 698-5815 or by email at vineylea@yahoo.com