MARTA Seeks Artists for Grant Street Underpass

MARTA Seeks Artists for Grant Street Underpass


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 Atlanta, GA, Unknown

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) invites artists to forward submissions for the commissioning of an innovative, dynamic public art installation at Grant Street, in the railroad underpass adjacent to the MARTA King Memorial Transit Station. MARTA is in the planning process for Transit Oriented Development (TOD) behind the King Memorial Transit Station. When the TOD is completed, the Grant Street Tunnel will be the sole pedestrian gateway to the King Memorial Station for TOD residents and business patrons.

The work is envisioned to incorporate lighting and paint or other materials, and to affect both the walls and ceiling of the space by increasing overall light levels within the tunnel. When complete, the artwork will make the underpass accessible and inviting to pedestrians and give it the sense of being a unique and engaging environment. Successful projects will see the tunnel becoming a landmark for the community and even a destination.

The submittal process will lead to 3-4 artists being selected for a more in-depth review by a formal selection panel of MARTA, Airport, and arts community stakeholders.

Note:  please visit and look for Solicitation #RFP-P39947 to download full RFP with all required documents.  You must register at the site to be able to download documents. 



Eligible applicants are artists who have experience completing previous public or gallery artworks on a similar scale and budget as this site requires. Artists are invited to apply as either individuals or as a team of subject matter experts in various areas: lighting, painting, public art, etc. who will collaborate to design one cohesive installation of artwork.


The overall project budget shall not exceed $100,000, including labor, installation, materials and any permit{s), project contingency amount, or other stipulations as required by the funding agency and/or MARTA. As the piece is intended to incorporate lighting, the selected artist{s) will need to engage the services of an electrical engineer to provide stamped, sealed drawings of the finished electrical design, and this will also be included in the total budget amount, as well as any other permitting or design requirements. The lighting portion of the project is funded by a grant from the Federal Transit Administration.

Site Description

The Grant Street underpass is located adjacent to King Memorial Transit Station, and underneath the CSX rail tracks. The site is co-owned by a number of stakeholders: CSX, MARTA, and the City of Atlanta, and the work is contingent upon the necessary approvals being procured from CSX for the site enhancements.

Project Goals

  • Create an exciting, visually engaging, and fun artwork that becomes a community landmark and enhances the pedestrian experience within the tunnel.
  • Increase the light level in the tunnel, thereby increasing accessibility, so that pedestrians feel safe and confident while using the walkways.
  • Artwork will affect the entire space and transform it so that people may choose to walk through the tunnel solely to experience the work.
  • Design will be appropriately scaled to the site, with durable materials and parts. The selected artwork should be very low maintenance and follow MARTA criteria on material selection and durability.

Selection Process

A Selection Panel will be assembled of MARTA stakeholders, MARTA’s Art in Transit Program Manager, and three (3) or more members of the local arts community as appointed by the MARTA Advisory Council for the Arts. The panel will review submittals and a time will be set for conference calls with each of three to five artists. At that time selected artists will review their submitted work with the panel, and answer questions about various topics that may range from materials and concept to durability and logistics. Stakeholders will then make an artist recommendation to MARTA. Once a proponent has been selected for contract award, an invitation for an in-person meeting and site visit will be sent to the selected proponent. After contract execution, contractor may submit travel expenses to MARTA for reimbursement. Such expenses will be deducted from the overall project budget.

Contract execution will be contingent upon MARTA obtaining approval from all necessary stakeholders.

Proposal Submittals

  • 10 – 20 digital images of relevant previous work.
  • An Image List that is numbered to correspond to images and provides a title, brief description, dimensions, location, date of the work, project budget and any project partners as applicable.
  • CV /Resume with current contact information.
  • Brief (1-2 paragraph) statement of intent for the space: describe your basic approach.
  • Three (3) current references.
  • To be eligible for consideration, your proposal must be received by the Authority no later than 2:00 PM (local time} on August 2, 2017.

Selection Criteria

The selection of the successful Proponents(s), if any, will be based on the following criteria, which are listed in descending order of importance:

(i} Experience with Projects of Similar Scale.

(ii) Quality of Previous Work in Execution.

(iii) Quality of Previous Work in Concept.

(iv} Approach to Scope of Services (statement of intent}.

Submission of Proposals

  1. Each Proponents is responsible for the preparation of its proposal and for the costs associated therewith.
  2. Each Proponent must submit a complete proposal in accordance with the requirements of this RFP. The format for the submission of a proposal mandated by this RFP is not negotiable. The name and number of the project is RFP P39947:Grant Street – Art in Transit.
  3. A Proponent  must submit one (1) USB drive [a.k.a., jump or flash drive], marked “Original” in a sealed envelope or package. In addition to the original proposal, Proponents must submit ten (10) USB drives [a.k.a., jump or flash drive] of its proposal. The Proponent’s USB drive copies should be submitted in an unlocked Portable Document Format (i.e., .pdf). The envelope or package must clearly identify the name of the Proposal, Proposal number, Proponent’s name and address. Each proposal must contain an index and separate sections for the information requirements set forth in this RFP, as well as for the forms required to be submitted.

All Proposals must be submitted to:

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

Department of Contracts, Procurement and Materials

2400 Piedmont Road, N.E.

Atlanta, Georgia 30324-3330

Attn: Contract Control (RFP P39947)


QUESTIONS?  Contact Dena Hasty, or by phone (404) 848-5606.