iMOCA Seeks Cross-Stitchers (and Tattoo Recipients...

iMOCA Seeks Cross-Stitchers (and Tattoo Recipients...

 Indianapolis, IN, Unknown

The Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art is looking for a number of people to participate in one of their recent, very exciting community based art projects..

Known as the Englewood Project, for the local neighborhood near downtown Indianapolis, artists Kurt and Kremena commissioned a poem and it’s been broken down into 129 phrases. Participants will have the opportunity to cross-stitch one of the phrases of the poem with materials provided, OR if they so choose, to get a tattoo of the one of the 129 phrases. Both will be photographed and used for a video that will become the finished art pieces and all exhibited to a broad audience. The poem was commissioned as part of a larger project with participants spanning 5 continents.

Tattoo slots are limited and about full, but plenty of cross stitch opportunities remain. Sign up here. Deadline for registration is August 1st.

There is a brief application attached with directions to move forward whether for a cross stitch or the tattoo. Please contact Maureen at the bottom of the application with any questions you might have. Materials for the cross stitch will be distributed early August and she can fill you in further.

…….a unique and creative opportunity to be a part of something bigger, to send a meaningful message in honor of the earth (something I have worked as a landscape architect for 40 years to protect and make a bit better!) as well as having your own remembrance.