Arc Promenade Public Art Project - Denver, CO

Arc Promenade Public Art Project - Denver, CO


 Denver, CO, Unknown

The award-winning Stapleton community announces a public art opportunity for the Arc Promenade at Stapleton, in Denver, CO.

Budget:  $300,000

Eligibility:  Applicants must be residing legally in the United States.

Deadline:  Monday, November 6, 2017

About Stapleton
The redevelopment of Denver’s former Stapleton International Airport by Forest City Enterprises, Inc. is one of the largest urban redevelopments in the nation.  When fully developed, the 4,700-acre Stapleton property will become a series of mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly, urban neighborhoods of 12,000 homes and apartments where 30,000 residents live within walking distance of jobs, retail, schools and public transportation.  Stapleton is also projected to have 13 million square feet of commercial uses providing 35,000 jobs.  Stapleton currently has more than 7,000 homes and an estimated population of nearly 25,000 residents.

The neighborhoods at Stapleton will be enhanced by more than 1,100 acres of new parks and open space.  Stapleton’s commitment to “smart growth” has earned international and national recognition that includes awards from the Stockholm Partnership for Sustainable Cities, the U.S. Conference of Mayors, and The National League of Cities.

For more information about Stapleton and the Public Art Master Plan for Stapleton, please go to .

Project Description

The site of this public art project, Arc Promenade, is a landscaped environment in north Stapleton that functions as a park and serves the storm water management needs of the community. A regional trail and adjacent areas of “Big Green” and Windbreak Field” are of particular interest as a location for public art composed of multiple elements.

The Arc Promenade is a grand feature of the network of trails and native landscape in northern Stapleton’s high prairie ecosystem where “the urban plan meets the Great Plains.”

Neighborhood residents and visitors traversing the Arc Promenade will find themselves in the center of two very different places that enjoy sweeping views in every direction. To the west, the neighborhood is bordered by an energetic venue for concerts and sporting events. And to the north is the expansive 15,000-acre Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge where bison roam in a preserve known for its eagles and more than 300 other species of wildlife.

A concrete path along the Arc Promenade connects to parks in north Stapleton and to the larger regional trail linking Stapleton to neighboring communities in metropolitan Denver.  Throughout, park spaces offer both passive and active areas for recreation and community gathering.

In addition to its transportation and recreation environment, the Arc Promenade functions as part of the larger storm water management system with a small channel running through it. There may be an occasional trickle of water flowing through the space from north to south; the flow will increase during storm events.

The Big Green
The Big Green is a centrally located area of turf that will provide the central community gathering space in Section 10. This area will house restrooms, a canopy structure and the largest “play area” in Section 10.  Here, there will be two low-water crossings through the drainage way connecting the western and eastern portions of the open space.  The Big Green will be adjacent by rolling mounds to the north and architectural berms to the south.

Windbreak Field
Windbreak field is inspired by landscapes that are eroded by wind and impacted by the human intervention such as windbreaks.  This landscape is created through a series of offset windbreaks and adjacent berms that create a captivating and varying landscape to explore. Because of the landform orientation, this landscape has a rich variety of conditions that shift with the seasons as well as create a dramatic and bold landscape that is clearly visible from both the street and the Arc Promenade. The berms in this area range from 4’ to 13’ high.

The Project Selection Committee is interested in dynamic artwork that is composed of multiple elements or a series of elements that will relate to each other and make a coherent statement about this space.  This artwork will be attentive to the prairie environment and create an exceptional visual experience that will draw people to this area.

Criteria for Artwork
The Project Selection Committee considers the Arc Promenade public art project as an opportunity for unique artwork appropriate to this site and to the diverse urban community that is Stapleton.

  • Artwork should be engaging to all ages and accessible to persons with disabilities.
  • Artwork may be interactive as well as attentive to activity in the area; how people will use the space.
  • Diverse expressions are welcomed.
  • Stapleton has adopted a Master Plan for Lighting including a “dark skies” initiative that addresses concerns for light pollution and energy efficiency as well as safety and security.  Power may not be available depending on the sites selected for the artwork.
  • Artwork must be constructed of materials that are sustainable and easy to maintain.  The materials will be suitable to this environment and able to withstand the intense sun, snow, wind and temperature extremes and fluctuations characteristic of the Denver area.
  • The artwork must be designed to be durable, require minimal and low-cost maintenance.
  • The artwork must not interfere with or hinder the purpose and function of this area or use of the walkways and trails.
  • The artwork must comply with rules, regulations and guidelines of the City and County of Denver applicable to this site and to Denver Parks.

Application Process and Materials
The Stapleton public art program is using the CaFÉ™ application and selection process online in partnership with Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF).  Each application must be submitted via the CaFÉ™ web site and must include:

1 — A current resume for each artist and/or team member that highlights professional accomplishments as an artist or artist team.
2 — Six (6) digital images of work that would be relevant to this project. Note: Six images are required for the application to be accepted.  Videos are not invited.
3 —  An artist’s statement not to exceed 1000 characters, including spaces, that describes the artist’s/team’s approach to this type of project.  A proposal is not required.

The application, images and other required materials must be submitted electronically by midnight (MST), Monday, November 6, 2017 to