Polk Street Review Seeks Artists, Writers, Photogr...

Polk Street Review Seeks Artists, Writers, Photogr...

 Noblesville, IN, Unknown

Polk Street Review Seeks Artists, Writers, Photographers, Poets, and Musicians

The theme for the 2018 edition is Fact or Fiction ~ YOU Decide

(note: the “YOU” is YOUR READER ~ keep ‘em guessing!)

Deadline for submissions ~ December 31, 2017

Download the 2018 The Polk Street Review Callout for Submissions and Entry Form

Have you ever had a dream or a nightmare so vivid that when you awake you aren’t sure if it really happened or not? Or have you ever watched a move and wondered, “I wonder if that was based on true events?” or “I can’t believe that’s a true story!” You’ve heard the saying “truth is stranger than fiction”, right? Well, Poets, Memoirists, Essayists, Songwriters, and Storytellers, they want YOU to write something that will leave our readers feeling just like that ~ not really being sure if what you’ve written is true (fact) or not (fiction).

For image submissions, meeting this year’s theme might be a real challenge ~ after all, who but the artist or photographer could really know if their work is based on fact or fiction? Nevertheless, this callout is also for artists and photographers! Please, submit your images ~ of Noblesville itself or of anything you feel is related to “fact” or “fiction”, and let us publish them amidst the pages of the 2018 edition of The Polk Street Review!

Either the Submitter or the Submission(s) content must have a Noblesville connection. No exceptions.

Pre-order book payments of $20 covers ALL your submissions in categories of Poetry/Song, Prose, and Images can be paid via Square at https://squareup.com/store/LSS/item/pre-order-editon-the-polk-street-review

OR payable by check made out to Logan Street Sanctuary, Inc. and mailed with your 2018 The Polk Street Review Entry Form. The pre-order payment guarantees you will receive ONE book at the book launch.

Emily Wasonga of Love’s Hangover is again sponsoring an International Section for the 2018  edition of The Polk Street Review!

Their International Section is for submissions from people from around the world AND for their “local” friends to submit images, poems/song lyrics, and prose about any International  experiences!