Arts Council Seeks Muralists for Prequalification ...

Arts Council Seeks Muralists for Prequalification ...

Posted by Arts Council of Indianapolis

Posted: Jun, 02, 2016

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Arts Council of Indianapolis Mural Artist Prequalification Program
Submission deadline:  April 9, 2018

In 2015, in an effort to more quickly respond to late-breaking mural opportunities, the Arts Council of Indianapolis established a juried pool of highly qualified mural artists to refer to community members and to use for its own projects.  This pool was to be re-juried every three years.  This call is to seek a new pool of highly qualified artists and artist teams to be referred for projects starting in 2018 and until the pool is rejuried in 2021.

Artists who are prequalified will be eligible for selection for mural projects with budgets up to $100,000.  Budgets are inclusive of design, travel, artists’ fees, materials, labor, rentals, insurance coverage, subcontracts, and all other costs associated with the design and production of mural artwork.


  • Artists working in all media and styles are encouraged to apply.
  • Artists must be at least 18 years of age and live in the United States
  •  Prior experience with public art commissions is not a requirement; however, applicant artists and artist teams must demonstrate the ability to design and successfully complete large-scale, exterior, wall-based work.
  • Artists who were previously selected as pre-qualified muralists must re-apply.

What does being “prequalified” mean?
Being named as a prequalified artist means that you will automatically be considered for all unpublished Arts Council mural opportunities.  In addition, when a new open call comes out for an Arts Council project, you can simply email the Arts Council by the given deadline and indicate that you want to be considered.  The Arts Council will make sure the selection panel sees the materials you have on file.  The selection panel has already reviewed and approved your aesthetic, experience and technical skill and in most cases you will automatically move into the finalist group for that call.

For some calls we will automatically notify the prequalified list of the opportunity, but to be sure you know of all opportunities, check our opportunities website frequently at

If selected, you are only prequalified for Arts Council projects:  other open calls sponsored by other organizations may require a fresh application. If in doubt, please contact the Arts Council for clarification.

Am I guaranteed a commission if I am on the prequalified list?
No.  The entire finalist pool—prequalified artists as well as artists who applied at the time of the open call—will be reviewed for a good match between artist, site and community.  There will almost always be more interested and qualified artists than there are commission opportunities, so some finalists, including prequalified artists, will not receive commissions.  This is not a reflection of your quality, but is a result of the preferences of the sponsor and the community.

Can I change the materials you have in my file after I am prequalified?
Yes!  You can send us updated materials anytime in the three years you are prequalified.

If I am not prequalified now, when will be my next chance to try again for a commission?
Simply apply to the next open call for mural artists.  Open calls are listed on our website and in our weekly Opportunities e-newsletter:  sign up at

Selection Criteria
Submissions will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Artistic quality:  artist’s submission displays a record of appropriate, yet innovative, concepts brought to a site or project, and documents creative and stylistically distinctive solutions to design and site challenges
  • Aesthetic sensibility:  artist’s work displays an aesthetic that would be desirable for a project for Indianapolis
  • Technical ability:  artist’s submission indicates skill with materials and techniques similar to those that would be required for likely projects
  • Experience:  artist’s submission has indicated familiarity with clients and conditions similar to those that would be used on likely projects, or has demonstrated the ability on past projects to quickly acquire the skills needed to be successful on a project similar to what the artist will encounter in Indianapolis
  • Process:  artist’s materials indicate that the working relationship will be pleasant and the completed project will successfully meet likely challenges, including completing all documentation and managing the given project budget

Submission Requirements

Artist must submit the following via or  Please do not email materials as attachments, due to strict limits imposed by our email server. Your email may be rejected without notice.

  •  Applicant Information: Complete the questionnaire. An editable digital version is available. Download here.
  • Cover Letter / Statement of Approach: This letter should be no longer than one typed letter-sized page using 12-point font and 1-inch margins on all sides.
  • Professional Resume or CV: No longer than 3 pages
  • Work Samples: (up to 10 digital images)
    • Please submit examples of artwork that best represent your experience, style, and ability.  You may also submit images of any other pieces (large scale or otherwise) that best represent your work over the past 5 years.
    • JPG or PDF files ONLY, please!  If your artwork necessitates the inclusion of video files, please use MP4 or MOV files.
    • Good quality, no smaller than 3” x 5” at 72 dpi
    • No hard copies – electronic files only
    • Name files according to the following format:
      • LastName_01.jpg, LastName_02.jpg, etc.
  • Work Sample List: Include a list of the work samples included and as much information about each of the samples as possible (include name/title of piece, year completed, client name, location, medium, dimensions, process, and any other applicable and pertinent information).  Here is an example of a an entry:
    • 1. JaneArtist_01.jpg:  Searching and Finding, 2009, Arts Council of Indianapolis, 123 N. Main Street, Indianapolis, IN, acrylic on brick, 10’ x 30’ x 4’, .

Delivery of Submissions
All required materials must be received by 5:00 p.m. (EDT) on Monday, April 9, 2018. or submissions must be emailed to

Additional questions?  Contact us!

Julia Muney Moore
Director of Public Art
(317) 631-3301 x240

Lindsey Lord
Public Art and Artist Services Coordinator
(317) 631-3301 x214