Auditions - Letters Sent

Auditions - Letters Sent

 Indianapolis, IN, Unknown

Monday March 19th and Tuesday, March 20th at 7 p.m., Irving Theater is hosting auditions for Letters Sent.  Please plan on possible call-backs during the Tuesday audition period. Or, if you can not make it to Monday’s first round, you are welcome to read Tuesday, just be advised you may be asked to stay and read or have to wait briefly to be worked in. Sign up times available on Doodle now, in the Facebook event under tickets.***

Catalyst is thrilled to announce the winner of their 2018-2019 Guest Artist show! This year they’ve selected Letters Sent, by Janice Hibbard and welcome Pat Mullen to direct!

A dark comedy prompted by a series of hand written suicide notes in our digital age of depression, sleep disorders, and too much screen time. Letters Sent joins in the aftermath of Claire Amelia Mayer’s failed suicide attempt. Letters Sent is a serio-comedic account of adult suicide, which has seen a concerning and rapid spike in numbers of those who are 25-55 years old, from 2010 to the present. This is a play for anyone who has ever felt alone.

The writing of Letters Sent began in 2011 as a thirty page one-act. It was presented as a staged reading in 2012 at a local playwright festival, hosted by Indianapolis based Theatre company, Q Artistry. Over four years, the piece was rewritten, workshopped with local actors, and developed into a full length serio-comedic play. In 2017, Letters Sent received another staged reading as part of the “Scripted” series, presented by The Geeky Press, at New Day Craft and now Catalyst is proud to stage this full workshop!