Full Circle Fest Seeks Artist Vendors

Full Circle Fest Seeks Artist Vendors

 Indianapolis, IN, Unknown

Full Circle Fest wants you to show your stuff! This is for the most socially engaged artists. Full Circle
Fest is a celebration by the people, for the people, with the people of Indianapolis. On October 20th, they will showcase the talent, range, and heart of the city with music, food, and art made on site for a day of synergy and creativity.

Your role as an artist is to show your latest and / or most fitting creations and create among the crowds. Priority will be given to artists that commit to all of these opportunities.

1. They will provide 10 x 10 tents to each artist to sell your work, with the condition that 30 percent of sales go to this year’s fundraiser.
2. They will also gather a piece from each artist to curate Monument Circle as an outdoor gallery and a decorated dining experience. These selected pieces will be a part of an immersive silent auction with the starting bid being set by the artist. Half of all proceeds from this auction will go to the fundraiser.
3. They will share your priced art through social media leading up to the festival to build anticipation for festival goers and increase exposure to your work.
4. This festival is actively creative. This is demonstrated through your creation of a piece during the event, inspired by the events, encounters, and energy of the day. You are free to paint in your booth, or in a reserved place among the crowd or on the monument.

You are an artist. Drift into an uninhibited moment of free expression. Use the themes of this year’s festival to guide your creation. Use the things you see, the music that you hear, the flavors you taste, and the conversations you have to shape your creation.

This year’s focus is food, as they spread awareness about sustainable initiatives and raise money for hydroponics facilities to provide fresh food for communities within food deserts. Full Circle Fest is a celebration of community, comm-unity. It’s important to recognize the ways we are connected. Whether your art relates directly or indirectly to this year’s fundraising mission, this festival is founded on the belief that we are better together and through investing in the success of others, we are investing in the success of ourselves.

Learn more about last year’s festival, this year’s focus, and the community projects we’ve chosen to support at https://fullcirclefest.com/home