Wall Sculpture Commission

Wall Sculpture Commission

 Fishers, IN, Unknown

Hyatt Place | Hyatt House at The Yard in Fishers, Indiana seeks a metal artist to design, fabricate, and install a metal wall sculpture. The sculpture should be an abstract interpretation indicative of the Fishers railroad history, preferably using materials that are/emulate railroad spikes. The sculpture will be located behind the front desk of the hotel, mounted onto the wall. The wall sculpture needs to look intentional and provide an interesting composition that flows with the design of the hotel.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: By 3:00PM EST on Friday, August 23, 2019

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to submit for this opportunity, artists must:

  • Be able to meet all of the project requirements (see below)
  • Be age 18 or over
  • Be willing to meet all contractual obligations and adhere to a budget and timeline
  • Carry liability insurance for the duration of the design, fabrication, and installation process.


  • A metal wall sculpture design that is between 22’-23’6” long (See Addendums A and B)
  • No part of the sculpture can protrude more than 4” from the wall, unless that section of the design is placed higher than 6’8” from the floor
  • No sharp points are to stick directly out from the wall to avoid employee injury
  • Collaboration with Hyatt Place | Hyatt House and Fishers Arts Council to confirm a design that meets the needs and the design of the hotel
  • Communication with the on-site General Contractor regarding the appropriate hardware required to install the sculpture, to ensure the hardware reaches the layer of plywood blocking that has been installed behind this wall to provide sufficient support
  • Ability to install within one to two days (hotel construction schedule permitting)


This project will carry a commission fee of $8,000 for design, fabrication, and installation of the artwork, including all material costs, transportation costs, installation hardware and materials, and any other costs related to completing the project. This fee is to cover all of the artists’ compensation and anticipated expenses. Payment will be made in two installments: Half will be paid to the artist at the first meeting between the artist and the design approval team from Hyatt Place and Fishers Arts Council, with the remaining half to be paid upon completion and approval of the installation of the project.

For full project information, visit the Fishers Arts Council website.