Sculpture Sought for Roundabout

Sculpture Sought for Roundabout



 Aurora, CO, Unknown

Aurora, CO is seeking to commission an artist to create a sculptural environment composed of multiple components within a 70’ diameter roundabout.

Budget:  $215,158

Eligibility: Professional artists living in the U.S.

Deadline: October 21, 2019 4:00 p.m. (Mountain)

About Aurora

Aurora is Colorado’s third largest city, and the safest large city in Colorado, spanning three counties in the eastern Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area. Aurora embraces a highly diverse population of over 350,000 residents who enjoy access to quality education, Colorado’s natural beauty and active lifestyle, and an array of cultural amenities within the context of a vibrant and growing community.  Aurora is home to top national employers in aerospace and defense, bioscience, healthcare and alternative energy.

Situated on prairie grasslands, rolling hills and the northern tip of the Black Forest, Aurora offers a unique quality of life that blends a traditional sense of community with a range of outdoor and leisure activities. Residents enjoy a wealth of opportunities and are proud to call Aurora home.

Project Background

Aurora welcomed the light rail in early 2017 with the opening of R-Line as a branch of the public transportation network provided by the Regional Transportation District (RTD.) The R-Line is known for the strong public art at each station which resulted from a robust partnership between the city of Aurora (COA) and RTD. The New York Times magazine listed Aurora as one of the top places to see public art in 2017. Two sculptures adorn the Iliff Station environment, one located at the station, and the other located outside the Iliff Station Parking Garage.  In this area, the R-Line follows the path of 1225, a major highway providing access to Denver International Airport

Opportunities abound for transit-oriented development (TOD) along the R- line, especially around each station.  The area around the Iliff Station has seen rapid transformation with the addition of contemporary high-density apartment living and mixed-use development in an area better known for single family housing on good sized lots and age-restricted retirement communities.  These three and four-story apartment complexes in a pedestrian friendly environment are designed to meet the needs of the young professionals attracted to the employment opportunities and active life-style of this growing community.

The Iliff Station roundabout is located just south of the parking garage.  The addition of sculpture on this roundabout will help to establish this area as a new public art hub within a community where the arts are thriving.

Artwork Description

The Art Selection Panel is seeking to commission an artist to create a sculptural environment composed of multiple components within this roundabout which is about 70’ in diameter.  There is no public access to the roundabout, so the artwork should be designed to be viewed by car or from the various streets surrounding the site. Benches, interactive art, or highly detailed artwork would not be appropriate for this project.

The artwork should have physical presence and be scaled appropriately for this site. Due to the size of the roundabout, multiple elements working together to create a singular composition would be ideal. It must be designed to be appreciated from all sides. The artwork could be colorful and it could be kinetic.

The artwork should not be too shiny or reflective, or in any way create a distraction for drivers.

The elements can be large and massive enough to block direct views across the roundabout. This enables drivers to focus on what is ahead of them, not across or through the roundabout.

Thematically, the artwork could embrace a transportation related theme, such as people using various transportation modes literally or abstractly.  Transportation modes might represent the diversity of abilities and include elements such as walkers, wheelchairs, strollers, canes, bicycles, cars, trains, feet, scooters, motorcycles, skis, sleds, canoes, kayaks, rafts, airplanes, as well as innovative and futuristic options.

The artwork must be constructed from materials that are sufficiently durable to withstand the Colorado climate and altitude.  These conditions include extreme temperature changes (over 40 degrees) in just a few hours, subzero temperatures as well as temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, high winds, intense sun, low humidity, and precipitation in the form of rain, hail, sleet, and snow.


  • Monday, October 21, 4:00 pm: Deadline for completed applications to be received
  • Week of November 4th: Finalists notified
  •  Finalists’ Presentations: Mid-January 2020
  • Multi-level approval process completed: Mid-March 2020

It is desirable that the artwork be completed and installed by mid-October 2020, if possible. However, as this is not an active construction site, the installation timeline can be flexible. The art selection panel is most interested in finding the right solution for the site.

What to Submit

  1. 5 images of relevant work
  2. Professional Resume
  3. Statement of Interest (Why this project is of interest to you)

How to Submit

Apply through CODAworks. The site is free to use and you do not need to be a member.