Auditions - Getting Sara Married

Auditions - Getting Sara Married

Posted by Epilogue Players, Inc.

Posted: Jun, 02, 2016


 Indianapolis, IN, Unknown

Auditions are coming for this fun romantic comedy! A professional single woman receives a special delivery from her aunt who is eager to see her married.

Mark your calendars for November 17-18 to audition for this romantic comedy. Shows will run February 13-23, no rehearsals over the holidays. Needed are 3 women, ages mid-30s, 60s and 20s, and 3 men, speaking parts ages mid-30s and late 40s, and one non-speaking man mid-30s. Those auditioning will read from the script. Here are the characters:

  • Sara Hastings (lead) – an unmarried woman in her mid-thirties
  • Aunt Martha – Sara’s unpredictable aunt in her mid-sixties
  • Noogie Malloy – a very special delivery man in his late forties
  • Brandon Cates (lead) – a potential husband that Aunt Martha has picked out for Sara, in his mid-thirties
  • Heather Boyd – Brandon’s fiancee, in her mid-twenties
  • The Chiropractor – in his mid-thirties; a non-speaking part

Intimacy warnings: the roles of Sara and Brandon include some kissing.
See character descriptions in the event, but please note, all ages are approximate and may be adjusted up or down. Sara does need to look at least 30, otherwise her aunt wouldn’t be that eager to see her married “before it’s too late”.

A sample of the play is available on Samuel French’s website.