Public Art Sought for Pittsburgh International Air...

Public Art Sought for Pittsburgh International Air...


 Pittsburgh, PA, Unknown

The Allegheny County Airport Authority is seeking an artist to collaborate with the Terminal Modernization Program (TMP) design team to make the experience of the terminal Ground level memorable and welcoming, using the overall TMP themes of Nature, Technology, and Community as a launching point. The artist, program architects and airport staff will collaborate to develop a concept for an integrated artwork that will impact the surfaces of the interior and exterior of the Ground level.

BUDGET:  $400,000 ($80,000 artist fee + expenses / $320,000 artwork budget; some fabrication may be able to be done by others under a separate budget depending on the design)

ELIGIBILITY: Professional artists over 18 based in the U.S.

DEADLINE: February 16, 2020

Full RFQ with project images available here.


Allegheny County Airport Authority (ACAA) is building a new terminal and multi-modal transportation complex at Pittsburgh International Airport. The result of the Terminal Modernization Program (TMP) will be an improved passenger experience and better sense of the culture and amenities of the Pittsburgh region. The conceptual framework for the facilities’ design is Nature, Technology, and Community.

The Art in the Airport Program plans to expand with the TMP, including new permanent commissions and places for temporary art and performances. The ACAA is seeking an artist to collaborate with architects designing the terminal to create an integrated artwork located on the ground level of the terminal. The project site includes interior and exterior locations, and the opportunity to influence the use and aesthetic of materials chosen for walls, floor, ceiling, curb furniture, planters, and bollards. The project will be experienced by tens of thousands of visitors and employees who experience the airport on a daily basis.

For more information about the TMP project, visit:

For more information about the Art in the Airport Program, visit:


From the airport entrance to the jetway, the design of the new facilities is an opportunity to deliver a vibrant, welcoming environment. The Ground Level arrivals curb provides passengers and visitors with an important impression of the terminal and a potential first experience of the Pittsburgh region. Physically, it is the place where the terminal and the landscape meet. Conceptually, it is a place where the Pittsburgh community and the world connect.

The function and program of Ground Level is already determined and will include information desks/kiosks, circulation space, passenger waiting areas and seating. In addition, the ACAA has identified the Ground curb as a site for future temporary art installations in addition to this integrated artwork.

At this time, ACAA and architectural team intend that the integrated art project will be implemented by the TMP’s general contractor, although some elements may be fabricated by specialty contractors identified by the artist or the artist. This will be determined as part of the design process for the integrated artwork. Once the design is approved by the ACAA, it will be integrated into the bid documents.


The artist will collaborate with the project architects to create a concept for an integrated work of art composed of design enhancements for the Ground Level of the new terminal. The site features that are available for enhancement include the surfaces and treatments of interior walls, ceiling, and glass, as well as the bollards, furniture, and ground surface of the exterior ground curb.

The artist will:

  • Collaborate with the project architects to create a design proposal for an integrated  work of art comprised of design enhancements. The design proposal will communicate the concept, aesthetic, and materiality of the design  enhancements.
  • Identify strategies and locations for design enhancements using with materials selected with the project architects.
  • Identify strategies and locations for design enhancements to aesthetically connect the exterior and interior of the Ground Level.
  • Identify specialty components, if any, that will be designed, fabricated, and installed by the artist separate from the design enhancements integrated into the construction documents.
  • Outline methods for implementing design enhancements in collaboration with the project architects.
  • Work with ACAA and the project architects to identify the location for temporary art on the Ground Level curb.
  • Present a detailed visual and written proposal and accompanying project budget for the design to the ACAA, Art in the Airport Committee, and the Board of Trustees for review and approval.
  • Collaborate with the project architects to develop the implementation strategy for the design and work with the design team to include the design into the construction documents.
  • Review construction documents and shop drawings relevant to the design  enhancements.
  • Visit the site during construction to review components relevant to the design proposal.
  • Manage the design, fabrication, and installation of specialty components not integrated into the construction documents.


  • February 16, 2020 / Artist Application Deadline 11:59 PM EST
  • March  2020 / Artist Selection Complete
  • April– May, 2020/ Artist and Project Team Design Collaboration
  • May 2020 / Design Proposal Complete
  • June 2020 / Design Approved
  • June- July, 2020 / Construction Documents Created
  • July 2020 / Construction Documents Complete
  • July 2021 / Construction Begins
  • 2023 / Construction Complete

This schedule is subject to change without notice.


Artists must supply the following materials to complete an application.  Do not submit a proposal for a concept with your application. Artists who submit proposals will be disqualified and their submission will not be reviewed.

  1. Work Samples. Up to fifteen images or video work samples depicting projects where you have worked on a design team or independently on projects that relate to this opportunity. For video work samples, please include the URL in addition to the video file, or you can choose to upload a still image from the video and a URL link if you do not wish to upload the entire video. If your video is password-protected, include the password. If you want to begin the play of your video at a specific time, provide the timecode. For all work samples, include the name of the work sample with each upload.
  2. Work Sample Script. A script describing the submitted work samples. For each work sample, provide the title of the project, date completed, project budget and the art budget, name of client, name of design team collaborators (if any), location of project, and a description of your role as the artist on the project.
  3. Resume
  4. Letter of Interest. In the letter, detail your experience working on design teams, your interest in this project, and your availability during the project schedule. Letter must not exceed two pages.
  5. References. Three professional references. Include name, contact information, and a description of how they are familiar with your work.
  6. Assurances. Applicant must affirm that they have reviewed the required assurances in Exhibit A of this RFQ. The RFQ may be accessed here: .

Artist teams may submit up to fifteen work samples total for the team, resumes for each member, and a joint letter that details the information requested in (D) above. The letter must also state previous experience of members of the artist teams collaborating with each other.


Interested artists must submit an application through Submittable online here. No emailed or delivered submissions will be accepted. If you experience any technical difficulties while completing the form, please contact The deadline to submit is 11:59 PM EST on February 16, 2020.

QUESTIONS?  Send an email to: