Near Eastside Artists Sought for Card Project

Near Eastside Artists Sought for Card Project

 Indianapolis, IN, 46201

Some good folks on the Near Eastside are putting together care packages for senior citizens in the community, who may be feeling particularly isolated and lonely. They’d like to include cards within the care packages, cards that include positive messages, personal notes, or drawings that will help brighten the day of a senior. The care packages will be distributed to low-income Near Eastside seniors who reside in apartment units managed by John Boner Neighborhood Center and Englewood CDC.

They have sent a request for Near Eastside-based artists (or really anyone) to create a card and drop them off by April 10. They are hoping for 200 cards. Cards may be dropped off in the labeled box on the porch at 1236 Windsor Street.

IMPORTANT: Please adhere to the safety protocols listed below.

  1. Sanitize your writing surface and any writing or craft utensils with a sanitizing wipe or soap and water.
  2. Wash your hands before writing your cards and repeat hand washing after breaks.
  3. Put the completed cards in a large Ziploc bag and seal the bag shut.
  4. Write your name on the Ziploc bag (so we know who they came from) and also the date.

This is something you can do with your kids and family. Please help spread the word!

QUESTIONS?  Contact Mark Latta, (or contact via Facebook,