Carmel International Arts Festival Seeks Artwork M...

Carmel International Arts Festival Seeks Artwork M...

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Carmel International Arts Festival Art Heals Project



Art has a way of healing during troubled times, whether you’re watching it on a computer screen or making it in your home. The Carmel International Arts Festival announces a new “The Art Heals Project” in which artists of all ages and stages are encouraged to express their feelings through their own creations of art – produced now, while quarantined due to the COVID-19 pandemic and then displayed September 26-27 at the 2020 Carmel International Arts Festival.

“We know that expressing your feelings through art can be therapeutic and we also know how people are felling during this crazy pandemic. We want to challenge artists and non-artists to be creative and let art be a means of healing during quarantine. We can’t wait to share all of these pieces during our festival in September,” said Rachel Ferry, executive
director of the Carmel International Arts Festival.

In order to have your art work displayed, it must be created during the quarantine, you must register online and once completed, take a picture of yourself with your art project and share it on social media with the hashtag #ArtHealsProject. The completed projects will be displayed in a special booth planned for this year’s Festival in Carmel.


  •  Art must be made during the quarantine time period.
  • Artist must register on Carmel International Art Festival website.
  • Artist must provide an easel or means to hang or display art.
  • Artwork submied cannot be sold at festival or contain advertisements
  • Name and age must be on BACK of art piece.
  • During quarantine
    1. Take a picture of you and your artwork
    2. Post on social media and tag Carmel International Arts Festival with #ArtHealsProject
  • Art must be delivered to the CIAF Art Heals Project Booth on Friday, September 25 between
    6:00 – 9:00 pm and be picked up by artist (or representative) aer 5:00 pm Sunday September 27, 2020.
    Artwork not picked up will not be saved and will be recycled or discarded.

For questions, please contact

For more information and to register, please visit