Artist Sought for Asphalt Murals

Artist Sought for Asphalt Murals


 Pompano Beach, FL, Unknown

The City of Pompano Beach Public Art Program is seeking a professional artist or artist team to hold community engagement activities that will serve as inspiration in designing four asphalt street art murals and eight storm drain murals.

BUDGET:  $34,000 (community engagement and volunteer supervision; some on-site work in Florida required)

ELIGIBILITY: Professional artists over 18 living in the United States

DEADLINE: September 24, 2020

Review full RFQ here.

The selected artist(s) should have experience with community engagement public art projects. The engagement activities and final artworks are to be based on aspects that will improve the quality of life for the community, express connectivity, environmental issues and create an artwork that is representative of what those living in the community would like to see.

The project creates an opportunity to educate, energize, and engage our entire community while celebrating our City’s unique characteristics through public art. Using the guidelines of the Bloomberg Foundation’s recent publication, “Asphalt Art Guide,” this project will involve community volunteers, local artists and various city departments in the production of public art in pedestrian space creating street art on asphalt and storm drains.

The Community Engagement Activities can be in person, online, or in a combination of both. The project will engage residents and members of the Pompano Beach community of all ages and artistic levels. By engaging the community to work as a team to create works of art, this project will encourage interaction and cooperation that can be transposed to other areas of community living, including celebration of Pompano’s diverse history and the importance of environmental stewardship.

  • The Four Large Scaled Floor Street Art Murals: The artist is not responsible for the installation of the four asphalt street art murals, only their design. A Contractor will be hired by the City to install the final artworks.
  • The Eight Storm Drain Street Art Murals: The artist is responsible for the design as well as the training of volunteers, supervision, and assistance in helping community volunteers to install the eight storm drain murals. These installations will take place at a community engagement event and celebration.


  1. Resume (this should include experience in Community Engagement Projects, residencies, teaching and art projects.)
  2. Digital Images of portfolio / previous artwork (Minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 digital images which relate in material and/or general approach to this project);
  3. Experience Statement – limited to 2000 characters describing the artist’s experience with similar community based projects;
  4. General Approach Statement & Community Engagement Activity Plan – This will describe the general approach to the project as well as contain a detailed plan of the five (5) community engagement activities the selected artist will be completing. The plan must include the activities and the groups, if applicable, that will be participating.


Apply online only through the CaFE system.

QUESTIONS? Contact Laura Atria,