Artist Sought for Aquatic Center Public Art

Artist Sought for Aquatic Center Public Art


 Whittier, CA, Unknown

The Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture seeks an artist or artist team to create an artwork for the Whittier Aquatic Center, scheduled to open in Summer, 2022.

BUDGET:  $200,000

ELIGIBILITY: Professional artists over 18 living in the United States

DEADLINE: December 4, 2020

Review full RFQ here.

The artwork will support the architect’s theme of an “urban oasis” in Whittier, enhancing the experience for pool visitors and staff alike. The design could reference the architect’s ripple motif, water/aquatic imagery, and/or the rich culture and history of the surrounding Whittier community

There are two possible locations for the artwork: (1) the concrete bleacher design; or (2) hanging entrance sculpture. Artists can apply for one or both of the locations. Only a single proposal for one of the locations will be selected for the final project.

  • Opportunity 1: Etched Concrete Bleacher Design
    Adding color via a stain or other approved process is also possible. The pools will be surrounded by three sets of concrete bleachers measuring 18” tall and total of 1,015 running linear feet (lf).
  • Opportunity 2: Hanging Sculpture or Mobile at poolside entrance to the Aquatic Center building
    The artwork can be attached to the metal frame entrance canopy, which is supported by structural steel beams. The artwork can extend into the lobby, if desired.


  • Resume: Name, mailing address, phone number(s), email and web page (if applicable) biography,
    related work, art, or program experience. Include a team biography if applying as an artist
    team. Resumes should not exceed three (3) pages.
  • One-page letter of interest: indicate which artist opportunity you are interested in: Opportunity No. 1 (etched concrete bleacher design) or
    Opportunity No. 2 (poolside entrance hanging sculpture/mobile), or both; why this project interests you; how will you be able to engage and welcome different audiences, such as the Aquatic Center users, visitors and staff?; briefly describe your artistic or community practice, your sources of inspiration, and your method of developing high quality, innovative and meaningful artwork; and what is your experience managing budgets of similar scale and working within time constraints?
  • Five (5) to ten (10) images or video clips of your work – maximum of ten (10) work examples allowed. If submitting images, combine into a single pdf. Do not zip or stuff your files. Do not insert multiple photos into one image. Only five (5) to ten (10) examples of your work are allowed. Anything exceeding this amount will not be reviewed.
  • An annotated list of images submitted, with thumbnails of each image that

    • Title, date, medium and dimension;
    • Location of artwork; brief description (maximum 100 characters);
    • Budget; and
    • Commissioning agency or client, and project manager, if applicable.
  • Three professional references, with title, phone and email addresses included.
  • Required attachments (see full RFQ for details):
    • ATTACHMENT A. Certification of No Conflict of Interest
    • ATTACHMENT B. Attestation of Willingness to Consider Gain/Grow Participants
    • ATTACHMENT C. Compliance with Fair Chance Employment Hiring Practices Certification


Apply by sending materials to through the free online service WeTransfer

Materials may also be sent via postal mail. Prior to mailing, please email the Project Manager at to let her know to expect the package. Mail package to:

Department of Arts and Culture/Civic Art Division
Attention: Caroline Kerrigan Lerch
1055 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90017

All submittal materials must be received by Friday, December 4, 2020 at 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. Any materials received after the date and time will not be accepted or considered.

QUESTIONS?  Contact Caroline Lerch,