Aug 13 - 27 2022
A Night with The Crown, The Princess and The Killer

A Night with The Crown, The Princess and The Killer

Presented by Mystery Cafe at The Library Restaurant & Pub

The Fun

Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Theater- Escape reality and immerse yourself into a make-believe world for the night. Our stories are about a fictitious group having a get together when murder interrupts their proceedings. You, the audience, are written into the story as this fictitious group

The Participating

Fifteen to 20 guests will play minor characters in the story with actual speaking lines. Just stand up at your dinner table and read your lines. No stage, done right inside a banquet room of The Library Restaurant & Pub. Show us your best death scene if you turn out to be the victim. Delight your friends and family with your confession if you are the murderer. There are two very talented performers that play multiple major characters and help the audience move the story along.

The Dinner

Each play unfolds in four acts, with a course of the meal served after each one. Enjoy a dinner of your choice of Soup or Salad as your first course. The second course is your choice of 5 different entrees! The last course is delicious Cheesecake.

The Comedy

It is not a Shakespearean production but a light comedy. Think of it as the movie “Murder By Death” or “Clue,” where you will have fun being a part of it.

The Kids

You do not have to be 21 and older to see this Murder Mystery. No nudity, no profanity and the murder won’t gross you out or ruin your dinner. We want the kids to play parts in the show. So, forget the babysitter and bring your kids.

The Game

When the first scene starts, keep a watchful eye out for clues, and jot down anything that looks suspicious. Play detective during dinner.

At evening’s end, we give a prize to the person who best solves the mystery. We also give a prize to the biggest ham…uh, well…the best actor or actress from the audience.

Every performance is unique because the audience is so directly and deeply involved.

The magic lies in the interaction and unbridled creativity which occur in a room full of people who begin the evening as strangers but go home as friends.

Admission Info

Saturday nights

Doors open at 5:30pm and the show is at 6:00pm

$65-72 a person for show, dinner, coffee or tea or soft drinks and gratuity. What it does not include is bar drinks and appetizers.

$25 for kids 13 and younger

tickets available at our web site

or call the Box Office at (317) 684-0668

or Email

Phone: (317) 684-0668


Dates & Times

2022/08/13 - 2022/08/27

Location Info

The Library Restaurant & Pub

2610 S Lynhurst Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46241