Oct 03 - 31 2014
Sinners and Saints: a fine line in life

Sinners and Saints: a fine line in life

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Kern creates art to help process her thoughts about life & uses her work as a release & voice to communicate to others.  Inspired by Joseph Cornell, Frida Kahlo & Marcel Duchamp, Satch’s work presents symbolism, contradiction, defiance & social commentary through the use of re-cycled and up-cycled materials.  Kern’s current work is titled, Sinners and Saints: a fine line in life.  She uses the juxtaposition of vintage stag film heroines & religious shrines to explore the fine line between life’s choices.  This new varied body of work is created with repurposed materials that range from emitting light sources to dark enclosed containers, from carnival peep shows to crucifixions, & from reality to the surreal.


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2014/10/03 - 2014/10/31

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