Nov 06 - 22 2015
What Happened at the House on the Cliff?

What Happened at the House on the Cliff?

Presented by Oaklandon Civic Theatre at Oaklandon Civic Theatre

The House on the Cliff is rumored to be the last stop of the Civil War Underground Railroad and overlooks one of the Great Lakes. Years ago an excursion boat sank in a storm and it is said that the lake is haunted. Now, two mysteries are encapsulating the cursed house.

The young heiress, Ellen Clayton, confined to a wheelchair, is baffling her caretakers with her inability to walk. Then, a sudden murder plunges everyone into suspicion – Ellen, her disinherited stepmother, the austere housekeeper, the bewildered physician, the hopeful young doctor and Nurse Pepper, a curious person who has traveled quite a distance to care for Ellen. Who is the mysterious murdered man? Why can’t Ellen walk? And what secrets do the House on the Cliff hold?

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Tickets are $12 each. Reservations can be made by calling

Dates & Times

2015/11/06 - 2015/11/22

Location Info

Oaklandon Civic Theatre

Oaklandon Unitarian Church, Indianapolis, IN 46236