Sep 15 2015
Dec 31 2015
Chess Club for Kids

Chess Club for Kids

Presented by Indy Reads at Indy Reads Books

On Tuesdays, professional chess instructor Colin Hargreaves will facilitate a new chess club for kids, using a unique and exciting method that makes learning super easy and fun.  They will provide plenty of boards and sets.  Attendees should feel free to play organically but can receive lessons from the instructors during each meeting.  You may expect the friendly tournament or to learn a fun variation of chess.    

This club will be moderated by Colin Hargreaves who has been teaching chess since he was fourteen.  For the last 10 years he has taught professionally in many private and public schools around Indy and the suburbs.  During an afterschool enrichment program “Ultimate Afterschool, LLC” Hargreaves teaches students to play chess with his business partner Greg. 

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2015/09/15 - 2015/12/31

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Indy Reads Books

911 Massachusetts Avenue , Indianapolis, IN 46202