Apr 12 2016
May 07 2016
Adventures in Art: Natural Born Artists

Adventures in Art: Natural Born Artists

Presented by Nickel Plate Arts at Nickel Plate Arts

Nature is one of the most popular subjects explored by our local artists, and the springtime offers all kinds of colorful, artistic inspiration. Kids will experience their natural landscape and environment in a whole new way during Nickel Plate Arts’ Natural Born Artists class. This six-week Tuesday night series (5-6:30 p.m.) takes place April 12-May 17 at the Forest Park Lodge in Noblesville.

During Natural Born Artists, kids will learn techniques such as sun printing, plein air painting, leaf printing, and how to use natural and recycled materials in their art. Creating art in nature improves observations skills and encourages people of all ages to appreciate art and beauty all around them. Students will keep a sketchbook during the session to brainstorm ideas, practice and revisit to see how they’ve grown.

In partnership with Noblesville Parks and Recreation, Nickel Plate Arts is proud to venture into new territory this year with the launch of our kids’ classes: Adventures in Art. These classes offer children (ages 8 and up) the opportunity to learn about and develop skills in art history, aesthetics, art-making and art criticism. With guided instruction, kids will explore a variety of topics in art and work on both individual and collaborative projects to work out that creative energy.

Admission Info

$95/student for Noblesville residents; $109/student for non residents

Dates & Times

2016/04/12 - 2016/05/07

Location Info

Nickel Plate Arts

107 S. 8t St., Noblesville, IN 46060