Oct 10 - 16 2018
Infusing the Scene

Infusing the Scene

Presented by Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art at Alexander Hotel

Hayes fabric structures explore color theory, quilting, light and shadow, pattern making and modern design.  They often respond to specific sites ranging from outdoor settings to interior architectural spaces. She has been collaborating with Italian fashion house Missoni for a series of installation since 2017.

For the CityWay Gallery curated by iMOCA Hayes has created textile panels that reveal and conceal on another with a floor to ceiling installation similar to current installations at 108 Contemporary and the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa (OK).

“I have created textile panels that reveal and conceal one other, beckoning viewers to walk through the unfolding landscape of textiles, and notice new perspectives through the layers of fabrics,” says Hayes. She hopes to create an intimate moment of personal space within the gallery. Her monolithic works are vibrant with color, supple and looming, yet they yield to touch, and are not meant to intimidate, but embolden.

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Phone: 317-790-5757

Dates & Times

2018/10/10 - 2018/10/16

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Alexander Hotel

333 South Delaware St., Indianapolis, IN 46204